Super Serials

Doom has a plethora of multi-level WADs, but some authors see fit to release their maps separately, even though some constituted parts of an entire series. These individually-distributed morsels often get lost in the shuffle of high-profile mapsets and megaWADs. In this feature, I highlight these works as a whole (after looking at the singular puzzle pieces in detail, of course).

Cabal seriesKvernmo, Sverre aka "Cranium"199512
CHORD seriesSailor, Malcolm1997-200005
DICKIE seriesWiles, Richard199810
Doomjá-vu (2015)various201506
Inferno seriesAnderson, John aka "Dr. Sleep"1994-199508
KBASE seriesKesler, Kurt199803
KBOOM seriesKesler, Kurt1998, 200013
KMETL seriesKesler, Kurt1997-199813
KZDOOM seriesKesler, Kurt1999-200107
Master Levels for Doom IIvarious199521
Nebula 95 seriesKassap, Chris aka "lupinx-Kassman"2013-201408
NOSUN seriesSailor, Malcolm1996-199805
ODESSA seriesEvans, Bob aka "Odessa"1995-199812
Serenity seriesNathrath, Holger and Bjorn Hermans1994-199732
Titan seriesFlynn, Jim199506
Uca seriesNguyen, Eddie199404