Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Future of ONEMANDOOM

It's been more than another month since my last post so I ought to make a salient update that I've been putting off. Everything is going fine but at this point in my life, writing about the works of the Doom community isn't satisfying to me as a creative outlet. I'm not making WADs because chance and circumstance brought me back to my love of crafting stories and the sorts of thing that I would like to do cannot be accomplished within the admittedly flexible confines of the Doom engine.

I will still be maintaining this blog as a repository of reviews - pruning spam comments and the like - and may update it when I feel like I've grown the way that I want to. Until then, though, I'm done playing. Thanks to everyone who was and still is interested in reading these longform reviews; it's been a dazzling journey so far and I feel bad leaving so many cool sights still unseen. I'm just ready for a long, healthy detour.