This page contains a list of all Doom WADs/mods discussed on Doomed with appropriate links, organized by the author's name/handle rather than given title or filename and then by what is more or less the release date. Currently featuring the collected works of 745 authors.

Bolded entries denote WADs featured in Doomworld's Top 100 WADs of All Time or Doomworld's Cacowards.

NOTE: Some author credits are not as thorough as I'd like; I need to sort out the particular map credits for Obituary, Hell to Pay, and the original authors of the console Doom levels included in Xaser's Lost Episode. If you have information on any of these works, please contact me!


"_bruce_" (3)

   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP02, MAP03, MAP14)

"3EPHOEd" (2)

   Heroes' Tales (MAP05, MAP23)

"4mer" (1)

"!!2X5No4WhqAK" (1)

   200 Minutes of /vr/ (MAP03)


Äijälä, Joonas aka "Jodwin" (2)

   Chapel of Chaos (MAP21)
   Quadruple Threat (MAP01)

"A.Gamma" (3)

   Hadephobia (MAP10, MAP30)
   Mayhem 2016 (MAP16)

"A-Ware" aka "Azeraaron" (2)

   A Fistful of Doom (MAP01)

Abenante, Marcos aka "Sergeant Mark IV" (1)

   200 Minutes of /vr/ (MAP18)

Acedevo, Rodrigo aka "El Rodo" (3)

   HeDRoX: Doom 3060 Apocalipse (MAP01)
   HeDRoX 2 (MAP01, MAP02)

Acheron, Xaser (63)

   Zen Dynamics (MAP00-MAP08)
   The Lost Episode (E5M1-E5M9)
   Plutonia Revisited Community Project (MAP15, MAP25)
   Doom the Way id Did (E2M1, E2M2)
   Reelism ("Continuum of Discord")
   Doom 2 the Way id Did (MAP28, MAP31, MAP32)
   ZDoom Community Map Project: Take II (MAP01)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 3 (MAP04)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 4 (MAP12)
   The Adventures of Square (E1A5-E1A8)
   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP31)
   Back to Saturn X Episode 2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks (MAP03, MAP05, MAP11, MAP16, MAP17, MAP23, MAP26)
   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP27)
   50 Shades of Graytall (MAP15)
   dead.wire (MAP01)
   All Aboard the Mega Magilla Gorilla Flotilla (MAP01)
   Sharp Things (E1M1)
   Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes (E1M8; E3M4; E3M7, E3M9; E4M2, E4M7; E5M3, E5M0)
   No End In Sight (E1M7, E2M1, E2M3, E2M4, E2M9, E3M3, E3M4, E4M3, E4M7, E4M8)
   dead.air (MAP01)

Ackroyd, Tim (8)

   Full On (E2M1-E2M8)

"Alamain" (9)

   ALOHA999.WAD (E2M1-E2M8)

"Albertoni" (1)

Alfredson, Mike aka "Use3d" (9)

Allan, Geoff (1)

   MINE1.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP15))

Allen, Ron (1)


Allison, Jason aka "rf`" (34)

   1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP27)
   rf 1024 (MAP01-MAP33)

Alm, Erik (36)

   One-Week Megawad (MAP01, MAP02, MAP07, MAP08, MAP11)
   Scythe (MAP01-MAP30, MAP32)

"Aluqah" (9)

   Mandrill Ass Project (MAP01-MAP09)

"Alwaysdoomed" (1)

   NOVA: The Birth (MAP27)

"Ameba" (1)

   Whitemare (MAP09)

Amspoker, Scott (1)

   OPOST21.WAD (E2M1) collected in Heroes (E1M6)

Anderson, Gregg (1)

Anderson, Joe (6)

   TOT Comics Doom Remastered (MAP01-MAP06)

Anderson, John W. aka "Dr. Sleep" (9)

"Angry Saint" (5)

   Black Magnetic (MAP01)
   Asylum (MAP01)
   Mutiny (MAP06)
   THT: Threnody (MAP17)
   Mayhem 2016 (MAP03)

Anonymous (author unknown) (4)

   BRAVE.WAD (E1M4) collected in Heroes (E1M2)
   Squid (E1M1)
   Squid 2 (E1M1)

Ansems, Arno (1)

   10 Sectors (MAP06)

Antonio, Glory aka "Slavius" (3)

   Whitemare (MAP10)
   Sacrament (MAP01)
   Whitemare 2 (MAP01)

"Antroid" (4)

   Bedlam (E3M3)
   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP04, MAP24, MAP29)

Apted, Andrew (1)

   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP22)

"Arch" (18)

   Pirate Doom! (MAP41-MAP58)

Aro, Kristian (71)

   20 Days in Hell (MAP12-MAP32)
   32 Hours in Pain (MAP01-MAP32)
   1 Day of Hellish Revenge (MAP28-MAP30)
   Death Tormention II (E4M3, E4M7)
   10 Sectors (MAP03)
   The Brotherhood of Ruin (MAP01-MAP07)
   2002: A Doom Odyssey (E1M2, E1M4, E1M6, E1M8; E2M7)
   Community Chest 4 (MAP26)

Arsenault, Andre (1)

   TNT: Evilution (MAP16)

"Arsenikum" (5)

   Whitemare (MAP16)
   Whitemare 2 (MAP02, MAP03, MAP20, MAP24)

Atchison, James aka "Professor Doom" (1)

   PVBDETH.WAD (E3M3) collected in Heroes (E2M9)

Austin, Josie aka "Morgana" (1)

   Entry (E1M1)


"B.P.R.D." (14)

   Equinox (MAP01-MAP13)
   Nuts (MAP01)

Bach, Kim aka "Torn" (3)

Bacher, Bruce A. (1)

   Training Ground of the Mad Overlord - 2 (E1M1) collected in Heroes (E4M8)

Badorek, Andy (3)

   Memento Mori (MAP21)
   Memento Mori II (MAP21)

Bagrow, Jim (3)

   Realm of Chaos (MAP04, MAP14, MAP16)

Bahnmiller, Ashton aka "Razen" (3)

   Interception (MAP09, MAP17)

Bainbridge, Jamie aka "Super Jamie" (13)

   Quadruple Threat (MAP01)
   UAC Ultra (MAP01-MAP12)

Baker, Eric aka "The Green Herring" (6)

Baker, Josh aka "mrthejoshmon" (3)

   NOVA: The Birth (MAP03, MAP08, MAP12)

Baker, Nick aka "NiGHTMARE" (5)

Baker, Nick aka "Robot Junkyard" (9)

Banks, Jeff aka "Pottus" (3)

   Interception (MAP19, MAP23, MAP27)

Bannerman, Brandon aka "Catsy" (1)

   Congestion 1024 (MAP25)

"batandy" (20)

   Doom: The Golden Souls (MAP00-MAP12, MAP14-MAP19, MAP21)

Bates, Alden (13)

   Alternate Doom ][ (MAP01-MAP11)
   Memento Mori (MAP10)
   Memento Mori II (MAP20)

Bearden, James (1)

   SWEET.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP01))

Beckschäfer, Berthold (9)

   Doom: The Mars Missions (MAP01-MAP09)

"Bed.intruder" (1)

   Whitemare (MAP02)

"BeeWen" aka "Lestat" (12)

   Whitemare (MAP12, MAP14)
   Sacrament (MAP13)
   A.L.T. (MAP22, MAP31, MAP32)
   Whitemare 2 (MAP27)
   Doom II In Name Only RDC (MAP05-MAP09)

Beladi, Robert (1)

   10 Sectors (MAP22)

Bell, Nicholas (2)

   Infestation (E1M4) collected in Heroes (E1M3)
   Der Turm (E1M5) collected in Heroes (E4M5)

Bengston, J.C. aka "Sailor Scout" (1)

   Containment Area (MAP12)

"Benjogami" (1)

   Mayhem 2016 (MAP09)

Berggren, Mattias (4)

   Mortiser 2: Ice Station Alpha (MAP02)
   Alien Vendetta (MAP03, MAP04)
   Hell Revealed II (MAP31)

Berkowitz, Rob (10)

   Realm of Chaos (MAP01, MAP03, MAP07, MAP13, MAP15, MAP21, MAP26, MAP29, MAP30, MAP32)

Berlin, Paul (1)

   10 Sectors (MAP15)

Bespalov, Vladimir aka "Demonologist" (3)

   Rush (MAP06)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP29)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP29)

Bestor, Alun aka "Viggles" (2)

   Breach (MAP01)
   Brigandine (MAP01)

"Big Memka" (22)

   Bloody Steel (MAP01-10)
   Whitemare 2 (MAP08, MAP17, MAP20, MAP22, MAP29)
   Doom II In Name Only RDC (MAP01, MAP04)
   The Inquisitor 3 (MAP06-MAP09, MAP11)

Billing, Dave (5)

   Spawn (MAP01-MAP05)

Bircsak, Darrell (1)

   VAMPIR51.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP16))

Bird, Gene (5)

Bird, Jeff (1)

   ORIGWAD.PWD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP31))

Birkel, Sean (9)

   Fava Beans (E1M1-E1M4, E1M6-E1M9)
   Memento Mori II (MAP24)

Bishop, John (2)

   Operation: BIOWAR (MAP06, MAP13)

Bisiaux, Maxime aka "Datacore" (42)

   3 Heures d'Agonie (MAP05, MAP09, MAP11, MAP14, MAP21, MAP26, MAP28, MAP32)
   And the Bloodshed Began (MAP04-MAP06, MAP08-MAP14, MAP16-MAP32)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 2 (MAP03, MAP14, MAP24)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 3 (MAP06, MAP14, MAP17, MAP23)

Björling, Ola (7)

   Tantrum (MAP01)
   The Talosian Incident (MAP08)
   Tantrum 2 (MAP01)
   Venom (MAP01)
   The Darkening Episode 2 (MAP01, MAP09, MAP12)

"Blackgaze" (1)

   Doom 2 the Way id Did (MAP33)

Blackwell, Mal (2)

   Eden (E2M1)
   Redrum (E1M1)

Blanco, Pedro Arturo Gomez aka "pagb666" (4)

   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP17, MAP21)
   Hell Revealed II (MAP25, MAP26)

Blazer, Coen aka "DoomedAce" (2)

   Congestion 1024 (MAP13, MAP21)

"BluefireZ88" (1)

   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP10)

Bobkov, Vick aka "Virgil the Doom Poet" (27)

   Black and White (MAP01)
   Dark Castle (MAP01-MAP03)
   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP01)
   Ash to Ash (MAP01)
   AfterDoom 2: Deep Space Pirsuit (MAP01-MAP13)
   Marine Army 1 (MAP01)
   One-Week Megawad (MAP10)
   3-Tech (MAP01) (released as MAP10 of One-Week Megawad)
   The Lost Seraphim (MAP01-MAP04)
   2002: A Doom Odyssey (E4M9)

Bollier, Matt (1)

   Eternal Doom (MAP32)

Bon, Jean aka "jambon" (5)

   20 Years of Doom (E1M5)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 2 (MAP10, MAP15)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 3 (MAP03, MAP11)

Bordeau, Anders (32)

   Batman Doom (MAP01-MAP32)

Bordeau, Carlos (32)

   Batman Doom (MAP01-MAP32)

Bordeau, Edmundo (32)

   Batman Doom (MAP01-MAP32)

Bostwick, Michael (8)

   I, Anubis (MAP01-MAP03)
   Osiris (MAP01-MAP08)

Bourke, Chris aka "Purist" (15)

   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP35)
   October (MAP01-MAP03)
   Hadephobia (MAP04, MAP09, MAP15, MAP20, MAP24, MAP29, MAP34)
   Interception (MAP08, MAP26)
   Bedlam (E3M6)
   Mutiny (MAP12)

Boyle, John C. (1)

   FORTBORG.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP25))

Brachman, David (2)

   Eternal Doom (MAP18, MAP27)

"Braido" (1)

   200 Minutes of /vr/ (MAP05)

"Brain" (2)

   Beta Labs 2 (E1M1, E1M3)

Brehm, Andrew James (30)

   Castle of the Hengs (MAP01-MAP30)

Bristol, Michael (1)

Broadhead, Simon aka "Volteface" (4)

   DoomCenter E1 Mapping Contest (E1M7)
   Hell's Arena (MAP01)
   Complex 867 (MAP01)
   Exquisite Corpse (MAP01)

Brodsky, Ethan (1)

   CRUSHER.WAD (E1M1) collected in Heroes (E1M9)

Brown, Philip aka "Liberation" (2)

   One-Week Megawad (MAP06)
   THT: Threnody (MAP14)

Brundage, Emil (54)

   The Beginning of the End (Part 1) (E1M1-E2M9)
   The Beginning of the End (Part 2) (E3M1-E3M9)
   Caverns of Darkness (MAP05)
   No End In Sight (E1M1-E1M6, E1M8-E1M0, E2M2, E2M5, E2M7, E2M8, E3M1, E3M2, E3M5-E3M8, E4M1, E4M2, E4M4, E4M6, E4M8-E4M0)

Bruni, David (1)

   Eternal Doom (MAP10)

Bruni, Kathy (1)

   Eternal Doom (MAP10)

Buck, Jordan aka "Oxygen" (1)

"burabojunior" (12)

   Japanese Community Project (MAP04, MAP06, MAP12, MAP17, MAP20-MAP22, MAP27, MAP30)
   Water Spirit (MAP01-MAP03)

Burton, Colt aka "Inkie" (2)

   Mayhem 2048 (MAP07)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP14)

Buteau, Christopher (2)

   TNT: Evilution (MAP22)
   Icarus: Alien Vanguard (MAP01)

Bye, John aka "Spook" aka "Gestalt666" (33)

   CyberDoom (MAP01)
   Garden of Delight (MAP01)
   Hall of the Mountain King (E1M1)
   Magnum Opus (MAP01)
   The Park (MAP01) (released as MAP01 of Cygnus IV)
   The Subway (MAP01) (released as MAP14 of Cygnus IV)
   Cygnus IV (MAP01-MAP14)
   Sacrifice: A Doom Tutorial (SACRIFOR.WAD / SACRIFCO.WAD)
   The Talosian Incident (MAP01, MAP04-MAP06, MAP08, MAP09, MAP16, MAP18)
   Gestalt666's Town of Heresy (H1M1)
   The Darkening Episode 1: The Nameless Project (MAP03, MAP08)

Byrns, Chris aka "Bullyboy" (1)

   H2H-Xmas (MAP23)


"C30N9" (10)

   Plutonia Revisited Community Project (MAP04)
   Pitfalls (MAP01)
   Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes (E4M2; E6M7)
   Community Chest 4 (MAP22)
   Hadephobia (MAP14)
   Interception (MAP10, MAP24, MAP25)
   Bedlam (E3M4)

"C4tnt" (1)

   Fuel Devourer (MAP01)

"Cacowad" (1)

"Cactuses" (1)

   200 Minutes of /vr/ (MAP28)

Calamonieri, Christophe aka "Necrotikflesh" (4)

   3 Heures d'Agonie (MAP04, MAP17, MAP23)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 3 (MAP05)

Caldwell, James aka "Obsidian" (50)

   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 1 (MAP03)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 2 (MAP02)
   Into the Code (MAP01-MAP06)
   Mayhem 2013 (MAP05)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 3 (MAP01)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 4 (MAP07)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 5 (MAP08)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 6 (MAP03)
   Countdown to Extinction (MAP01-MAP32)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP03, MAP04, MAP30)
   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP05)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP31)

"Caleb260" (21)

   Masters of Chaos (H1M1-H1M6, H1M8, H1M10; H2M2, H2M3, H2M7, H2M10; H3M1, H3M3, H3M5-E3M11)

"Capone" (4)

   Capone's Pit (MAP01)
   Fort Scar (MAP01) (edited from Fortress of Doom (2) by Rylan Hilman)
   Dock 69 (MAP01)
   AOL Girls Museum (MAP01)

"Capt. J3" (1)

   Skulldash (MAP09)

"Captain Toenail" (11)

   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP02, MAP04, MAP14, MAP25)
   Doom the Way id Did (E2M3; E3M4)
   Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes (E4M1, E4M3, E4M4; E6M6)
   ZDoom Community Map Project: Take II (MAP01)

Carter, Robert Kiana (11)

   BOBKDV2.WAD (E1M1-M9) collected in The Lost Episodes of Doom (E2M6-E2M8; E3M1-E3M5)
   B21.WAD (E2M1) collected in The Lost Episodes of Doom (E3M6)
   The Lost Episodes of Doom (E2M6-E2M8, E3M1-E3M8)

Casali, Dario (18)

   Memento Mori (MAP24)
   TNT: Evilution (MAP18, MAP31, MAP32)
   The Plutonia Experiment (MAP02, MAP04, MAP06, MAP07, MAP10, MAP11, MAP14, MAP17, MAP20, MAP24, MAP26, MAP28, MAP31)
   Requiem (MAP23)

Casali, Milo (20)

   Memento Mori (MAP23, MAP30)
   TNT: Evilution (MAP28)
   The Plutonia Experiment (MAP01, MAP03, MAP05, MAP08, MAP09, MAP12, MAP13, MAP15, MAP18, MAP19, MAP21, MAP23, MAP25, MAP27, MAP29, MAP30, MAP32)

Catalaá, Vincent (1)

   Alien Vendetta (MAP25)

Cellavy, Marcell Izidor aka "Cell" (6)

   Hadephobia (MAP02, MAP07, MAP13, MAP19, MAP26, MAP33)

"Cephaler" (3)

   10 Sectors (MAP04, MAP05)
   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP11)

"ChaingunnerX" aka "Chaingunner"(13)

   A.L.T. (MAP17, MAP18)
   Whitemare 2 (MAP11, MAP12)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP02)
   Beta Labs (E1M2, E1M4, E1M6, E1M8, E1M9)
   Doom II In Name Only RDC (MAP02)
   Beta Labs 2 (E1M2, E1M4)

"ChaingunPredator" (2)

   A.L.T. (MAP21)
   Whitemare 2 (MAP18)

"Chainsaw" (1)


Chan, Antoni (5)

   Realm of Chaos (MAP02, MAP11, MAP17, MAP20, MAP25)

Chang, Arthur (5)

   STRAIN (MAP14, MAP17, MAP21, MAP25)

Chang, Harry (1)

   ELEMENTS.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP11))

Charlson, Jon aka "Chaff" (1)

   ULTIMA.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP21))

Chasar, Theresa (6)

   The Raven Series (MAP07, MAP08, MAP10)
   The Ultimate Doom (Thy Flesh Consumed) (E4M5)
   Attack (MAP01) (Master Levels for Doom II)
   Canyon (MAP01) (Master Levels for Doom II)

Chen, Andy (2)

"Cheesewheel" (3)

   200 Minutes of /vr/ (MAP11, MAP14, MAP26)

"Cherepoc" (1)

   Heroes' Tales (MAP32)

Cherigui, Riad aka "ZyklonB" (3)

   3 Heures d'Agonie (MAP02, MAP07, MAP31)

Chow, Jeffrey (1)

   FRENZY on Phobos (E2M1) collected in Heroes (E1M7)

Christenson, Chris (6)

   Escape From Phobos (MAP01-MAP03)
   Escape From Deimos (MAP01)
   Escape From Natas (MAP01, MAP02)

"Chronoseth" (1)

Cibulas, Matt aka "ROTTKing" (24)

Cilento, Gianluca aka "Remmirath" (1)

   Mayhem 2016 (MAP19)

Clark, Rick (2)

   Hell's Eventide (MAP01)
   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP26)

Clark, Tristan aka "Eris Falling" (1)

   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP22)

Claussen, Rex (51)

   Quo Vadis (MAP01-MAP03)
   Fear Island (MAP22)
   Decimate (MAP01)
   Military Research Complex (MAP01)
   Arena (MAP01)
   A Hex On You (MAP01-MAP03)
   Phoenix Rising (MAP02-MAP06)
   Paranoia (MAP02-MAP06)
   Temple of the Ancients (MAP10-MAP14)
   DoomCenter E1 Mapping Contest (E1M6)
   The Darkest Hour (MAP01-MAP07)
   Deimos: Slight Return (E2M1-E2M9)
   The Phobos Directive (E1M1-E1M9)

Cohen, Eli aka "ProcessingControl" (9)

   Doom the Way id Did (E3M8)
   Castle of Fear (E4M6)
   Community Chest 4 (MAP14)
   Urban Fire (MAP01)
   Interception (MAP14, MAP28, MAP31)
   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP01, 06)

Collins, James aka "an_mutt" (10)

   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 3 (MAP07)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 4 (MAP11)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 5 (MAP11)
   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP05, MAP08, MAP17)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP08)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP18, MAP24)
   Mayhem 2016 (MAP14)

Comerma, Oriol aka "Deimos Anomaly" (4)

   Aliens: Colonial Marines TC (E1M1-E1M4)

Confalonieri, Walter aka "Daimon" (26)

   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP09, MAP12, MAP18, MAP31, MAP39)
   1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP22, MAP30, MAP32)
   Doom the Way id Did (E3M2)
   Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes (E2M8, E2M9; E3M1)
   Community Chest 4 (MAP23)
   Mayhem 2012 (MAP02, MAP03, MAP07)
   Hadephobia (MAP11, MAP16)
   Mayhem 2013 (MAP06)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 4 (MAP01)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP05, MAP15)
   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP06)
   PhobosDeimos Anomaly (E2M6)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP01, MAP15)

Conner, Wayne aka "Zen Psychosis" (1)

   WETWRKD2.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP27))

Conrad aka "ABM-87" aka "Detonator" (1)

   Da Will (MAP05)

Conway, Steve (1)

   Army of Darkness Doom (E3M5 / MAP05)

Corfiatis, Joe (4)

   PC_WOLF (MAP01-04)

Corfiatis, Paul aka "pcorf" (224)

   The Twilight Zone (MAP01-MAP32)
   Death Tormention (E4M1-E4M9)
   Verada (aka Please Consider) (MAP01)
   Big Boy (E2M4)
   PC_PLAN (MAP01)
   PC_WOLF (MAP05, MAP06)
   The Twilight Zone II: Final Dreams (MAP01-MAP32)
   Toxin Refinery (E1M3, E1M9)
   Death Tormention II (E4M1, E4M2, E4M4-E4M6, E4M8, E4M9, E1M9, E2M9, E3M9)
   Vectra, the Last Mystery (MAP01)
   Operation: BIOWAR (MAP09)
   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP02, MAP10, MAP16, MAP18)
   Candy Choppers (H2M1)
   Elliot Goblet (MAP01)
   0SCRAPS (MAP01-MAP09)
   SPACIA: A Silly DOOM Space Adventure (MAP01-MAP20, MAP31-MAP32)
   2002: A Doom Odyssey (E1M1, E1M3, E1M5, E1M7, E1M9; E2M1, E2M4, E2M5, E2M7-E2M9; E3M2, E3M5, E3M7, E3M8; E4M1, E4M8; E5M1, E5M2; "Play School")
   Plutonia Revisited Community Project (MAP02, MAP13)
   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP01, 15)
   Deimos Entry (E2M1)
   Doom the Way id Did (E3M5)
   Community Chest 4 (MAP27)
   Zone 300 (MAP01-MAP33)
   Incineration (E3M1-E3M9)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP13)
   Doomed Space Wars (MAP01-MAP12)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP08)
   THT: Threnody (MAP03, MAP13)
   Mayhem 2016 (MAP15)

"CorSair" (5)

   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP09, MAP10)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP27)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP13)
   Mutiny (MAP06)

Couleur, Chris (6)

   Eternal Doom (MAP09, MAP11, MAP19, MAP22, MAP24, MAP29)

Courneya, Bill (1)

   TOWN.WAD (E3M6) collected in Heroes (E4M1)

Crenshaw, Jeffrey (1)

Cresswell, James aka "Phobus" (20)

   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP10)
   1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP16)
   Plutonia Revisited Community Project (MAP16)
   Doom the Way id Did (E3M6)
   Community Chest 4 (MAP03, MAP07, MAP13)
   Mayhem 2012 (MAP01, MAP06)
   ZDoom Community Map Project: Take II (MAP01)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 2 (MAP03)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 3 (MAP02)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 4 (MAP02)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 5 (MAP03)
   NOVA: The Birth (MAP11)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP23)
   Big Woodchip (MAP01)
   E2MWalter (E2M1)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP16, MAP22)

Cresswell, Paul (1)

Cripps, Ed (8)

   Don't Drink the Water (MAP01)
   The Icon of Sin (2) (MAP01)
   Reunion 01 (E1M1)
   Reunion 02 (E1M1)
   Sin City (MAP01)
   Back to Saturn X Episode 1: Get Out of My Stations (MAP11)
   Putrefier (MAP01)
   Warp House (MAP01)

"Cronley" (1)

   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP25)

Crowley, Dan aka "SpinSpyder" (2)

   One-Week Megawad (MAP03, MAP05)

Cunnings, Ian aka "The Flange Peddler" (5)

   Congestion 1024 (MAP04, MAP20, MAP27, MAP28, MAP30)

Curtis, Denver J. (1)

   NEFCAT.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP22))

"Cybermind" (4)

   Whitemare (MAP05, MAP13)
   Whitemare 2 (MAP04)
   The Last Sanctuary (MAP01)

Czerwonka, Anthony aka "Adelusion" (22)

   Dystopia (MAP01)
   Dystopia 3: Re-Birth of Anarchy (MAP01, MAP04, MAP05, MAP09, MAP10)
   Dystopia 3: Re-Birth of Anarchy (add-on level) (MAP01)
   Requiem (MAP02, MAP19, MAP24, MAP28)
   STRAIN (MAP07, MAP09, MAP14, MAP21-MAP24, MAP32)
   HACX (MAP09, MAP13, MAP18)


D., Alan aka "alando1" (50)

   Temple of the Lizard Men (MAP01-MAP07)
   Temple of the Lizard Men 2 (MAP01-MAP10)
   Temple of the Lizard Men 3 (MAP01-MAP09, MAP10/A, MAP11/A, MAP12-MAP17, MAP19-MAP32)

D., Matt aka "Matt534Dog" (11)

   Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes (E4M7; E6M4)
   Interception (MAP01-MAP04, MAP07, MAP12, MAP19, MAP20, MAP30)

D., Paul (2)

   NOVA: The Birth (MAP16, MAP23)

"Da Werecat" (1)

Daley, Maximillian Augustus aka "Blackfish" (2)

Damerell, David (1)

   WOODHAL2.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP12))

"Dant3" (1)

   Whitemare 2 (MAP05)

"Darkwave0000" (21)

   Speed of Doom (MAP02, MAP04, MAP06, MAP08, MAP10, MAP12, MAP14, MAP16, MAP18, MAP20, MAP22, MAP24, MAP26, MAP28, MAP30, MAP32)
   Plutonia Revisited Community Project (MAP11)
   3 Heures d'Agonie (MAP29)
   Resurgence (MAP32)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 2 (MAP28)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 3 (MAP29)

"Darsycho" aka "Jack101" aka "the_afrit" (27)

   Beyond Reality (MAP01-MAP16, MAP31)
   Unhinged (MAP01, MAP02)

Davia, Lorenzo aka "UltimateLorenzo" (10)

Dávid, Norbert aka "NoneeLlama" (6)

   October (MAP06)
   Hadephobia (MAP18, MAP22)
   Bedlam (E3M5)
   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP04)
   Mutiny (MAP10)

Davidson, David (3)

   Memento Mori (MAP02)
   Memento Mori II (MAP02)

Davies, Ben (1)

DeBruyne, Paul aka "Skillsaw" aka "Maduin" (97)

   Sector 666 (MAP01-MAP11)
   Vanguard (MAP01-MAP13)
   Lunatic (MAP01-MAP05)
   Hanging Gardens (MAP01)
   Community Chest 4 (MAP02)
   Back to Saturn X Episode 1: Get Out of My Stations (MAP03, MAP10, MAP12, MAP13, MAP21, MAP31)
   Back to Saturn X Episode 2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks (MAP12, MAP18)
   Valiant (MAP01-MAP32)
   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP19)
   Nashville, Tennessee (MAP01)
   Ancient Aliens (MAP01-MAP08, MAP10-MAP19, MAP21, MAP24, MAP25, MAP27, MAP29, MAP30, MAP32)

Derks, Ingmar aka "Deathmatcher" (33)

   Dimension Time Space-Traveler (MAP01-MAP33)

"des_arthes" (1)

   Zones of Fear (MAP08)

Desmottes, Maëllig aka "ChowW" (6)

   3 Heures d'Agonie 2 (MAP01, MAP05, MAP17, MAP20)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 3 (MAP12, MAP25)

Dethlefsen, Jim (2)

   TNT: Evilution (MAP05)
   Icarus: Alien Vanguard (MAP26)

"[BOMF]devived" (1)

   Whitemare 2 (MAP06)

Devlin, Matt aka "Shadow Dweller" (1)

   Community Chest 4 (MAP24)

Dewald, Darryl (12)

   Laura Beyer's Doom (E1M1-E1M9, BONUS1, BONUS 2, BONUS3

Dewey, Albert (4)

   Heroes (E2M4, E3M4, E4M6, E4M9)

Dick, Gregory (1)

   One-Week Megawad (MAP04)

Dictter, Pablo (6)

   They Will Repent (House of Pain Part Two) (E4M5)
   The River of Fire (E1M1)
   The Chemical Base (MAP01)
   Warehouse (E1M1)
   Alien Vendetta (MAP21)
   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP16)

"Didy" (8)

   Monster Hunter Ltd (Part 1) (MAP01)
   Monster Hunter Ltd (Part 2) (MAP01)
   Bauhaus (MAP01-MAP04)
   THT: Threnody (MAP15, MAP19)

Dignall, Richard (1)

   HELLCAST.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP29))


Donner, Yonaten (27)

   Hell Revealed (MAP01-MAP06, MAP09, MAP11-MAP20, MAP22-MAP26, MAP30-MAP32)
   Dead Perfect (MAP01, MAP02)

Donovan, Garth (2)

   Area 51 (MAP01, MAP02)

"Doom_Warrior" (10)

   Masters of Chaos (H1M7, H1M9; H2M1, H2M4-H2M6, H2M8, H2M9; H3M2, H3M4)

"doom68k" (1)

"DooMSkeR Scratch" (1)

   Celestial Site (MAP01)

Doornbos, Steven (1)

   EXECUTE.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP07))

Dorne, JC aka "JC" aka "JCD" (55)

   Plutonia Revisited Community Project (MAP10)
   Survive in Hell (MAP01-MAP33)
   Titania (MAP01)
   3 Heures d'Agonie (MAP08, MAP10, MAP13, MAP15, MAP20, MAP24, MAP30)
   20 Years of Doom (E1M7)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 2 (MAP11, MAP16, MAP29, MAP30, MAP32)
   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP17)
   Swift Death (MAP24, MAP32)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 3 (MAP09, MAP20, MAP24, MAP30)

Dowland, Jonathan aka "Teppic" (1)

   10 Sectors (MAP14)

Dowswell, Andrew (2)

   TNT: Evilution (MAP07)
   Icarus: Alien Vanguard (MAP18)

"Dr. Max" (2)

   Da Will (MAP04)
   Sacrament (MAP04)

"Dragon" (2)

   Heroes' Tales (MAP18, MAP26)

"Dragonsbrethren" (2)

   1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP19)
   Bedlam (E3M7)

"Drakker" (1)

   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP27)

"DTDSphere" (1)

Dudle, Craig J. (1)

   KILLZONE.WAD (E1M1) collected in Heroes (E2M5)

Duff, Steve (8)

   Realm of Chaos (MAP06, MAP09, MAP18, MAP19, MAP22, MAP23, MAP27)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP25)

"Duke Nume" (1)

Dunne, Travers (35)

   The Definitive T_DUNNXX.WAD Series - For Doom (E1M3, E2M2-E2M5, E2M7)
   The Authoritative T_DUNNXX.WAD Series - For Doom 2 (MAP01-MAP07, MAP17, MAP21-MAP24)
   The Indespensible T_DUNNxx.WAD Series - For Heretic (H1M1)
   Hell's Eventide (MAP01)
   The Darkening Episode 1: The Nameless Project (MAP04, MAP10)
   The Classic Episode (E2M8, E2M9)
   1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP03, MAP07, MAP09, MAP12, MAP13, MAP15, MAP30, MAP31)
   Back to Saturn X Episode 1: Get Out of My Stations (MAP09, MAP12)
   Mutiny (MAP12)

Dupuis, Simon (1)

   Back to the Fire (MAP01)

"Dusk" (3)


Ebert, Jeff (1)

   Nuclear Spillway (E3M1) collected in Heroes (E4M3)

Edwards, Matthew aka "Foodles" (34)

Esau, Darrell (1)


Estrella, Randy (15)

   Doom 64 (MAP01, MAP02, MAP04, MAP08, MAP09, MAP15, MAP16, MAP18, MAP20, MAP22, MAP24, MAP25, MAP28, MAP32)
   The Lost Episode (E5M9) (ed. by Xaser Acheron)

Evans, Bob aka "Odessa" (12)

   Odessa 1 "Odessa X" (MAP01)
   Odessa 2 "Oasis" (MAP02)
   Odessa 3 "Fade to Gray" (MAP03)
   Odessa 6 "Kastle Baron" (MAP06)
   Odessa 7 "6 Keys of the Asmod Monks" (MAP07)
   Odessa 9 "Landing Zone" (MAP09)
   Odessa 11 "Sojourn" (MAP11)
   Odessa 12 "Chambers" (MAP12)
   Odessa 13 (MAP13)
   Odessa 14 "Savage Morals" (MAP14)
   Eternal Doom (MAP20, MAP30)

Evans, Thomas (4)

   Insertion (MAP05-MAP07, MAP10)

"evil space tomato" (1)

   The Heart of Stone (MAP01)

"EvilNed" (5)

   NOVA: The Birth (MAP04, MAP07, MAP10, MAP14, MAP17)

"evocalvin" (2)

"ezormer" (1)

   50 Shades of Graytall (MAP02)


"Falcor" (2)

   Da Will (MAP09)
   A.L.T. (MAP15)

"Fatal" (1)

"Fenriswolf" (8)

   Encrypter (H1M1-H1M8)

Feragen, Jonas aka "Chrozoron" (16)

   10 Sectors (MAP25)
   Hell Revealed II (MAP01-MAP05, MAP07, MAP09, MAP13, MAP15, MAP18, MAP19, MAP21, MAP29, MAP30, MAP32)

Ferg, Barry (1)

   CORE.WAD (E1M1) collected in Heroes (E2M2)

"Fiend" (1)

   Exquisite Corpse (MAP01)

Figueroa, Felipe (1)

   ESW2 (MAP08)

"Firehawk" (1)

   Xmas Doom (MAP01)

"FireSeraphim" (3)

   Reelism ("Creature of Chaos", "Candy Planet", "JRPGville")

Fisher, Justin (10)

   Aliens TC (E2M1-E2M8; E3M1, E3M2)

Flaharty, Orin (6)

   Memento Mori (MAP05, MAP08)
   Memento Mori II (MAP12, MAP31)
   Requiem (MAP01, MAP10)

"floatRAND" (11)

   Disjunction (MAP01-MAP11)

Florian, Arnaud aka "Oxyde" (7)

   3 Heures d'Agonie (MAP19)
   20 Years of Doom (E1M6)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 2 (MAP08, MAP23, MAP27)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 3 (MAP07, MAP32)

Flynn, Jim (23)

   The Enigma Episode (MAP01-MAP09)
   Surrounded! (E2M8)
   The Interdiction Zone (MAP07)
   Oracle... (MAP02, MAP03)
   Titan Manor (MAP01) (Master Levels for Doom II)
   Trapped on Titan (MAP01) (Master Levels for Doom II)
   Mines of Titan (MAP01)
   Titan Anomaly (MAP01)
   The Farside of Titan (MAP01)
   Trouble on Titan (MAP01)
   Eternal Doom (MAP25, MAP26, MAP31, Cybersweeper)

"Fonze" (3)

   Mutiny (MAP01)
   THT: Threnody (MAP12, MAP19)

Forsberg, Tobias aka "Quido666" (1)

   10 Sectors (MAP01)

Forte, Kenneth S. (1)

   MELANGE.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP10))

Fowler, Jason (2)

   Realm of Chaos (MAP10, MAP12)

Fraize, Michael aka "Marcaek" (20)

   Doom the Way id Did (E2M8)
   Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes (E1M9; E3M1, E3M2; E4M9; E5M6, E5M9; E6M8)
   Doom 2 the Way id Did (MAP13, MAP21, MAP24)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP18)
   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP10)
   50 Shades of Graytall (MAP07, MAP17)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP07, MAP10, MAP18, MAP24)
   Mayhem 2016 (MAP19)

Frei, Richard aka "Tarnsman" (29)

   Back to Saturn X Episode 1: Get Out of My Stations (MAP01, MAP20)
   Doom 2 the Way id Did (MAP02, MAP07-MAP10, MAP15, MAP17, MAP22, MAP23, MAP26)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 2 (MAP06)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 5 (MAP10)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 6 (MAP08)
   The Adventures of Square (E1A3, E1A9)
   Back to Saturn X Episode 2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks (MAP04, MAP08, MAP13, MAP19, MAP20, MAP24, MAP27)
   Ancient Aliens (MAP26)
   Mutiny (MAP02)
   Mayhem 2016 (MAP01, MAP02, MAP08)

Friberg, Martin aka "[coccoon]" (3)

   Crestfallen (MAP01)
   Hell Revealed II (MAP20, MAP23)

"Fudge" (1)

   200 Minutes of /vr/ (MAP23)

"Fuzzyfireball" (1)

   NOVA: The Birth (MAP09)


Gagnon, Jean-Serge (5)

   Forest Valley (E2M1-E2M4, E2M9)

Galica, Anthony (1)

   Requiem (MAP21)

Garibzadeh, Yashar aka "GeminI" (6)

   10 Sectors (MAP23)
   Alien Vendetta (MAP15, MAP31)
   Hell Revealed II (MAP10, MAP17, MAP22)

"gaspe" (12)

   Mayhem 1500 (MAP09)
   Legacy of Heroes (MAP01-MAP11)

Gate, Andrew (1)

   HACX (MAP14)

Gates, Ben (1)

   Fava Beans (E1M5)

Georgiev, Dimiter (1)

   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP07)

"Gez" (1)

"Gifty" (3)

Gimmer, Daniel aka "Tormentor667" (3)

Gosson, Gary (4)

   Icarus: Alien Vanguard (MAP06, MAP12, MAP22, MAP24)

Goulois, Charles-Aurelien aka "K!r4" (1)

Graham, Jeffrey aka "Psyren" (2)

   Congestion 1024 (MAP09, MAP14)

Graham, Sebastian aka "Doomhero85" aka "General Rainbow Bacon" (8)

"Grain of Salt" (7)

   Hadephobia (MAP35)
   Fruit Salad (MAP01-MAP06)

Graves, David (1)


Green, Shawn (2)

"GreyGhost" (1)

"Greytale" aka "anonymous" (1)

   GRYBLOOD.WAD (E2M2) collected in Heroes (E2M1)

Grieve, Tom (1)

Griffiths, Daniel (1)

Gruber, Russell (1)

   OUTLAND.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP20))

"Guna" (1)

Guschin, Eugene aka "Wraith777" (16)

   Da Will (MAP03)
   Heroes' Tales (MAP03, MAP12, MAP20)
   Sacrament (MAP03, MAP05)
   A.L.T. (MAP27)
   Alpha Accident (E1M1-E1M9)


"H3llraich" (33)

   Prayers of Armageddon (MAP01-MAP33)

Habich, Rory (4)

   2002: A Doom Odyssey (E2M3, E2M6; E3M3, E3M4)

Hackney, Will aka "Archvile 46" aka "Kid Airbag" (2)

   The Baron's Domain (MAP01)
   No Quarter (E1M3)

Halderman, Ty (11)

   TNT: Evilution (MAP04, MAP06, MAP13, MAP18, MAP19)
   Icarus: Alien Vanguard (MAP03, MAP10, MAP27, MAP30, MAP32)
   Eternal Doom (Credits)

Haley, Kevin (1)

   TOWN.WAD (E3M6) collected in Heroes (E4M1)

Hall, Tom (13)

   Doom (E1M4, E1M8, E2M1-E2M4, E2M7, E3M3, E3M7)
   The Lost Episode (E5M1, E5M3, E5M4)
   Rise of the Triad: The Hunt Begins (E1M1) (reproduced in Return of the Triad (MAP30)

Hanekom, Adrian aka "deathevokation" (4)

Hansen, Chris (40)

   The Revenge of Avind (MAP01)
   The Blessed Hex (MAP22)
   The Unknown Chasm (MAP03)
   Star Trek: Voyager: A Time to Face Your Fears (MAP08)
   Quail (MAP25)
   The Aqueous Rise and Fall (MAP13)
   UAC Nukage Processing Area (MAP18)
   Star Trek: Voyager: Antithesis (MAP13)
   Fait Accompli (MAP19)
   That Urban Sence... (MAP15)
   The Unaided Eye (MAP10)
   Flay the Obscene (MAP01, MAP02)
   Flay the Obscene - Part Two (MAP01)
   Flay the Obscene - Part Three (MAP15)
   CH Retro (E1M1)
   CH Retro Episode (E1M1-E1M9)
   2002: A Doom Odyssey (E2M2; E3M6; E4M3-E4M5, E4M7)
   Rip It, Tear It, Smash It! (E2M1, E2M2)
   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP33)
   The Wailing Horde (E2M1)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP19)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP12)
   THT: Threnody (MAP01, MAP02, MAP04, MAP16)

Harbin, Chris (20)

   Operation: BIOWAR (MAP01-MAP05, MAP07, MAP08, MAP10-MAP12, MAP14-MAP18, 31)
   Death Tormention II (E4M9)

"Harbinger of Sorrow, The" (1)

   MARX2_1.WAD (E2M1) collected in Heroes (E3M1)

Hardacre, Richard aka "Cycloid" (1)

   Congestion 1024 (MAP26)

Hargreaves, Jason (9)

   Nuke Mine (E1M1-E1M9)

Hariri, Madani el (2)

   Alien Vendetta (MAP15, MAP19)

Harper, Scott aka "MadMax" (2)

   Oracle... (MAP02, MAP03)

Harrell, Brett aka "Mechadon" (17)

Harriman, Chris aka "Impboy" (4)

   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP21, MAP36)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP02)
   Mutiny (MAP09)

Harris, Cyriak aka "mouldy" (44)

   The Eye (MAP01)
   NOVA: The Birth (MAP19, MAP25, MAP28, MAP30)
   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP09, MAP20, MAP25, MAP28, MAP30)
   Going Down (MAP01-MAP32)
   50 Shades of Graytall (MAP08, MAP11)

Hart, Brayden aka "AD_79" (6)

   Ancient Aliens (MAP20)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP07, MAP11)
   Mutiny (MAP04, MAP11, MAP14)

Havranek, Vasek aka "Damned" (4)

   Zones of Fear (MAP03, MAP05, MAP13, MAP32)

Helmberger, Florian (4)

   Memento Mori (MAP15)
   Memento Mori II (MAP04)
   Requiem (MAP02)

Hermans, Bjorn (4)

   Arachna (E3M1 / MAP01)
   Trydent (MAP01)
   STRAIN (MAP02, MAP28)

Herndon, John (4)

   HACX (MAP01, MAP04, MAP05, MAP20)

Heydelaar, Tim (11)

   Doom 64 (MAP05, MAP07, MAP12, MAP13, MAP19, MAP21, MAP23, MAP27, MAP31, MAP32)
   The Lost Episode (E5M5) (ed. by Xaser Acheron)

Hickman, Keith (2)

   Area 51 (MAP01, MAP02)

Hill, David aka "Mentzer" (3)

   TNT: Evilution (MAP25)
   Icarus: Alien Vanguard (MAP08, MAP09)

Hilman, Rylan (1)

   Fortress of Doom (2) (MAP01)

Hines, Wills aka "Skunk" (1)

   The Lost Episode (E5M3)

Hipps, Patrick (1)

   COMCON.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP13))

Hodek, Pavel (10)

   Galaxia (E1M1, E1M9)
   H2H-Xmas (MAP06-MAP11, MAP16, MAP19)

Hopkins, Chris aka "Chopkinsca" (2)

   Exquisite Corpse (MAP01)
   Phocas Island (MAP01)

Howard, Donald R. (7)

Howard, Simon aka "Fraggle" (1)

   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP03)

Huber, William aka "[WH]-Wilou84" (17)

   Plutonia Revisited Community Project (MAP23, MAP32)
   Community Chest 4 (MAP01, MAP09, MAP28)
   3 Heures d'Agonie (MAP01, MAP27)
   20 Years of Doom (E1M1, E1M8)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 2 (MAP06, MAP19, MAP26, MAP31)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 3 (MAP10, MAP18, MAP28, MAP30)

Huenink, Joel (5)

   All Hell is Breaking Loose (MAP01-MAP05)

Huff, Dan (1)

   The Talosian Incident (MAP03)

Hughes, Rhys (1)

   Memento Mori II (MAP13)

Hunsager, Martin Aalen (2)

   Alien Vendetta (MAP01, MAP11)

Hyne, Greg aka "Acoma" (2)

   Derelict Station (MAP02)
   The Watchtower (MAP04)


Ihlen, Marty (1)

   Hell's Eventide (MAP01)

"Infirnex" (1)

"IronHand" (1)

   Whitemare 2 (MAP13)

Ito, Tatsuya aka "Tatsurd-cacocaco" (9)

   1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP20, MAP23, MAP29)
   Plutonia Revisited Community Project (MAP09, MAP20)
   Japanese Community Project (MAP01, MAP02, MAP07, MAP16)

Iwanski, Boris aka "Tarin" (2)

   10 Sectors (MAP19)
   Exquisite Corpse (MAP01)


"jaeden" (10)

   Zones of Fear (MAP06, MAP09, MAP11, MAP15, MAP20, MAP22, MAP24, MAP26, MAP30, MAP31)

Jakobsson, Daniel aka "dannebubinga" (38)

   Combat Shock (MAP01-MAP04)
   Combat Shock 2 (MAP01-MAP07)
   Danne's E1 (E1M1-E1M9)
   Sunlust (MAP01, MAP02, MAP04, MAP05, MAP07, MAP09, MAP11, MAP13, MAP15, MAP16, MAP18, MAP21, MAP24, MAP25, MAP27, MAP28, MAP30, MAP32)

Jameson, Alice (1)

   Community Chest 4 (MAP05)

"jameson2_fr" (1)

   LaboUAC (MAP01)

Jander, David aka "ESW" (7)

   ESW2 (MAP01, MAP02, MAP04-MAP07, MAP10)

Jansen, Jan Endre (2)

   Alien Vendetta (MAP08, MAP27)

Jarvie, Nicol (2)

   Escape From Phobos (MAP03)
   Escape From Deimos (MAP01)

Jeanson, Alexis aka "Roofi" (4)

   3 Heures d'Agonie 3 (MAP02, MAP15, MAP21, MAP31)

Jefferson, Angelo (32)

   #1Kill (E2M1-E2M9)
   #1Kill Extra (E3M1)
   Number One Kill: The Next Generation (MAP01-MAP20, MAP31, MAP32)

Jennings, James aka "[thantos]" (2)

   Lord of the Flies (MAP03, MAP05)

"Jerrysheppy" (2)

   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP08, MAP28)

"JK" (1)

Johansson, Fredrik (4)

   Vrack (MAP01)
   Vrack 2b (MAP01)
   Castle of Eternal Carrot in the Sky (MAP01)
   DoomCenter E1 Mapping Contest (E1M4)

Johansson, Mattias aka "Waverider" (4)

   Plutonia Revisited Community Project (MAP19)
   Micro Plutonia (MAP04-MAP06)

John aka "Vortex" (1)

   Xmas Doom (MAP02)

Johnsen, Anders (14)

   Alien Vendetta (MAP02, MAP05, MAP07, MAP08, MAP15, MAP17, MAP18, MAP26-MAP30, MAP32, old MAP25)

Johnson, Dean (3)

   TNT: Evilution (MAP11, MAP24)
   Icarus: Alien Vanguard (MAP21)

Johnston, Rich aka "Nostromo" (9)

   Nostromo's Run (MAP01)
   STRAIN (MAP08, MAP14, MAP30)
   HACX (MAP08, MAP10, MAP12, MAP14, MAP15)

"Jointritual" (1)

   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP24)

Jones-Gonzales, Alexa aka "YukiRaven" (12)

   One Doomed Marine (MAP01-MAP05)
   Extreme Terror (MAP01)
   Shadows of the Nightmare Realm (START, MAP01-MAP04, MAP31)

Judd, Simon aka "Sirjuddington" aka "Slayer" (2)

Jurich, Michael A. aka "Death Egg" aka "Truedude" (4)

   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP37)
   Hadephobia (MAP21, MAP31)
   NOVA: The Birth (MAP25)


Käll, Kristian aka "Ebola" aka "Kristus" (29)

   Codename HYENA: Killer Machine (E1M1-E1M9, E2M1-E2M9)
   10 Sectors (MAP17)
   Phobia (MAP01)
   Alien Vendetta (MAP31)
   Ni'mRoD: IXNAY on the HOMBRE (MAP01-MAP04, MAP06, MAP07, MAP09, MAP10)

Kalev, Osiris (5)

Kamenev, Aleksey aka "shockblast4" (1)

   50 Shades of Graytall (MAP13)

"Kashtanka" (2)

   Whitemare 2 (MAP07, MAP21)

Kassap, Chris aka "Lupinx-Kassman" (14)

   Community Chest 4 (MAP20, MAP21)
   Drown Stone (MAP01)
   ZDoom Community Map Project: Take II (MAP01)
   Nebula 95: Drown Stone (MAP01, MAP02)
   Nebula 95: Human Earrings (MAP01, MAP02)
   Nebula 95: Mudman Wonderland (MAP01, MAP02)
   Nebula 95: Nebula Shrine (MAP01, MAP02)
   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP28)
   Ancient Aliens (MAP24)

Kastner, Jacob aka "Darksoul" (1)

   Exquisite Corpse (MAP01)

"Keeper of Jericho" (6)

   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP23, MAP26, MAP29)
   Plutonia Revisited Community Project (MAP05, MAP21)
   Community Chest 4 (MAP16)

Kelly, Justin aka "Breezeep" (6)

   Mayhem 2048 (MAP14)
   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP09)
   50 Shades of Graytall (MAP11)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP27)
   Mutiny (MAP14)
   Mayhem 2016 (MAP11)

Kelsey, Michael (10)

   Stones (E1M1)
   Return to Phobos (E1M1-E1M9)

Kendall, Chris (1)

   TOWER2.WAD (E3M1) collected in Heroes (E3M7)

Kennedy, Jim (1)

Keränen, Iikka aka "Fingers" (14)

   Dystopia 3 (MAP02, MAP03, MAP06-MAP08, MAP11)
   Requiem (MAP03, MAP08, MAP13, MAP16, MAP22, MAP27, MAP31)
   HACX (MAP05)

Kesler, Kurt (45)

   KMEGA1 (MAP01-MAP18)
   KHILLS2 (MAP01)
   Twilight Warrior (MAP08, MAP10)
   KBOOM_1 (MAP01)
   KBOOM_2 (MAP01)
   KBOOM_3 (MAP01)
   KBOOM_4 (MAP01)
   KBOOM_5 (MAP01)
   KBOOM_6 (MAP01)
   KBOOM_7 (MAP01)
   KBOOM_8 (MAP01)
   KBOOM_9 (MAP01)
   KBOOM_10 (MAP01)
   KBOOM_11 (MAP01)
   KBOOM12 (MAP01)
   Beyond Death (MAP01)
   10 Sectors (MAP07, MAP12)
   KZDOOM1 (MAP01)
   KZDoom2: Cacodemons Revenge (MAP01)
   KZDoom3: The Alien Water Theives (MAP01)
   KZDoom4: Castle of the Damned (MAP01)
   KZDoom5: The Evil Place (MAP01)
   KZDoom6: Hidden Valley of the Aliens (MAP01)
   KZDoom7: The Power Plant (MAP01)
   Ni'mRoD: IXNAY on the HOMBRE (MAP05)

Ketner, Sam (11)

   Lord of the Flies (MAP01, MAP02, MAP07-MAP09)
   Assault on Tei Tenga (MAP01-MAP06)

Kiddell, Dave aka "mewse" (1)

   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP32)

Kidby, Brian (3)

   TNT: Evilution (MAP13)
   Icarus: Alien Vanguard (MAP23, MAP30)

Kilderry, Michael aka "kildeth" (3)

   NOVA: The Birth (MAP05, MAP27, MAP30)

Kim, Jin H. aka "Time Traveller" (1)

   Docking Crater Alpha (E1M3) collected in Heroes (E3M6)

King, Jeff aka "Egregor" (3)

   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP11)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP21)
   Mutiny (MAP13)

"kinkajoy" (1)

   10 Sectors (MAP09)
   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP12)

"The Kins" (2)

   Reelism ("Gutrot Island", "Internet Machine")

Klem, Mark (12)

   Cringe! (E2M1-E2M8)
   Memento Mori (MAP06, MAP32)
   Memento Mori II (MAP09, MAP26)

Klie, Christen David (57)

   The Final Insult (E1M1-E1M9, E2M1-E2M3, collected in The Lost Episodes of Doom)
   The Lost Episodes of Doom (E1M1-E1M8; E2M1-E2M5)
   The Catwalk (MAP01) (Master Levels for Doom II)
   The Combine (MAP01) (Master Levels for Doom II)
   The Fistula (MAP01) (Master Levels for Doom II)
   The Garrison (MAP01) (Master Levels for Doom II)
   Subspace (MAP01) (Master Levels for Doom II)
   Subterra (MAP01) (Master Levels for Doom II)
   The C.P.U. (MAP01)
   Device One (MAP01)
   The D.M.Z. (MAP01)
   The Enemy Inside (MAP01)
   The Fury (MAP01)
   The Hive (MAP01)
   BF_THUD! (ChrisK for Doom ][) (MAP01-MAP29)
   Ye Olde Smudge (H1M1-H1M3)

Klimeš, Boris aka "dew" (2)

"klofkac" (1)

   Zones of Fear (MAP12)

Knezevich, Augustus aka "Alfonzo" aka "st. alfonzo" (17)

   Doom the Way id Did (E2M6)
   Doom 2 the Way id Did (MAP04, MAP19, MAP27, MAP30)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 2 (MAP05)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 3 (MAP03)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 4 (MAP10)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 5 (MAP09)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 6 (MAP07)
   The Adventures of Square (E1A6)
   50 Shades of Graytall (MAP04)
   Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes (E1M5; E3M9; E4M6)
   Mayhem 2016 (MAP02, MAP20)

Knox, Brian aka "Snakes" (41)

   Four Maps (MAP01-MAP04)
   Into Hell (MAP01-MAP03)
   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP03, MAP25, MAP27)
   Khorus's Speedy Shit (MAP31)
   Midnight Tek Frenzy (MAP01) collected in Community Chest 4 (MAP35)
   Hadephobia (MAP18)
   Unholy Realms (MAP01-MAP26, MAP28, MAP30)

"kongming" (2)

   Mayhem 2012 (MAP12)
   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP18)

Krause, Michael (1)

   Run Buddy (MAP03)

Krempel, Dan (19)

   Rage Doom (E1M1-E1M4, E1M8, E1M9, E2M1, E2M2, E2M5-E2M9, E3M1, E3M2, E3M5, E3M7-E3M9)

Krishna, Karthik Abhiram (11)

   KARTHIK2 (E3M1)
   Ick (E2M1)
   Chaos Punch (E2M1)
   Out of Phase (MAP01)
   Out of Phase II (MAP01, MAP02)
   The Other Side of Phobos (E1M1)
   Congestion Control (MAP01)
   Out of Phase III: One Cloudy Afternoon (MAP01)
   Dark Fate (MAP01)
   Congestion Control 2 (MAP01)

Krizik, Michael Jan aka "Valkiriforce" (130)

   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP13, MAP30)
   Plutonia Revisited Community Project (MAP22)
   Marine's Folly (MAP14)
   October (MAP04, MAP05)
   Doom Core (MAP01-MAP32)
   Reverie MAP01-MAP32)
   Eternally Yours (MAP01-MAP11)
   Interception (MAP05, MAP11, MAP18, MAP24, MAP32)
   Unholy Realms (MAP31)
   An idgames Troll Walks Into a Bar... (MAP01)
   PULSE (MAP01-MAP20)
   Vispire (MAP01-MAP17)
   StarCove: A Tribute to Ty Halderman (MAP01)
   Absolute Dishonor (MAP01, MAP03, MAP05, MAP08)

Kumpulainen, Kimmo aka "Jimi" (3)

   Congestion 1024 (MAP22, MAP31)
   Doomed Dejá Vu (MAP01)

Kuosku, Timo (1)

   Back to Hell E1 (MAP09)

Kurashiki, Nanka aka "alice88" (6)

   Kusok (MAP01, MAP02)
   Japanese Community Project (MAP11, MAP15, MAP19, MAP25)

Kuykendall, David (2)

   Memento Mori II (MAP07, MAP32)

Kvernmo, Sverre Andre aka "Soundblock" aka "Cranium" (46)

   Derelict Station (MAP02)
   Bloodflood (MAP03)
   The Watchtower (MAP04)
   Temple of Death (MAP05)
   We Who are About to Die (MAP06)
   Eye of the Storm (MAP09)
   The Image of Evil (MAP30)
   Bloodsea Keep (MAP07) (Master Levels for Doom II)
   The Express Elevator to Hell (MAP31, MAP32) (Master Levels for Doom II)
   Mephisto's Maosoleum (MAP07) (Master Levels for Doom II)
   Black Tower (MAP25) (Master Levels for Doom II)
   Eternal Doom (MAP04, MAP05, MAP12)
   Plasmaplant (MAP01)
   Echelon (MAP01-MAP30)

Kyanka, Rich aka "Lowtax" aka "Crow" (2)

   RCK (E1M4)
   RCK2 (E1M1)


L., David aka "David Shywayismyway" (1)

   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP19)

Lahaut, Gaston aka "Mordeth" (6)

   Mordeth (Episode 1) (MAP01-MAP06)

"Lainos" (17)

   Object "32" (MAP01)
   Heroes' Tales (MAP01, MAP04)
   Da Will (MAP10)
   Sacrament (MAP02)
   Doxylamine Moon: Overdose (MAP01)
   Object "34": Sonar (MAP01)
   5till L1 Complex (MAP01)
   Lost Way (MAP01)
   Deneb Colony (MAP01)
   Urotsuki: Inferno Road (MAP01)
   Urotsuki: Dead End (MAP01)
   Urotsuki: Radical Way (MAP01)
   UAC Secret (MAP01)
   Overdose 2: Comatose (MAP01)
   Urotsuki 2: Cargo Cult (MAP01)
   Lilium (MAP01)

Lampert, Scott (2)

   Memento Mori (MAP20, MAP27)

Landefeld, Adam (4)

   Eternal Doom (MAP02, MAP15, MAP16, MAP21)

Landis, Jon (22)

   Berserk (E2M1)
   Eye of the Beholder (E2M1-E2M9)
   Eye of the Beholder II (MAP01-MAP07)
   !Wow! (The word you will say after playing this) (E2M8) collected in Heroes (E1M8)
   STRAIN (MAP05, MAP06, MAP30, MAP31)

Langhelle, Øystein (1)

   10 Sectors (MAP02)

Lappas, Costa (1)

   Squares (MAP01)

"Lareman" (1)

Larkin, Bob aka "brad_tilf" (1)

Lasmanowicz, Robert (1)

Laurent, Nick aka "Hobomaster" (8)

Lavergne, Dominique (2)

   FORTCSTL.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP24))
   TUNNEL11.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP17))

Lawson, Zack aka "Zeek" (3)

   H2H-Xmas (MAP18, MAP20, MAP31)

Lazarev, Ilya aka "joe-ilya" (11)

   Mayhem 2013 (MAP03)
   NOVA: The Birth (MAP21, MAP26)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP24, MAP35)
   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP39, MAP40)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP32, MAP34)
   Mutiny (MAP04)
   THT: Threnody (MAP02)

Le Bihan, Gwenvael aka "subject_119" (7)

   3 Heures d'Agonie (MAP06)
   And the Bloodshed Began (MAP01-MAP03, MAP07, MAP15)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 2 (MAP02)

Leaver, Andy aka "aleaver" (1)

   Community Chest 4 (MAP17)

Lehrer, Joshua (1)

   Trench (E1M1)

Leslie, William (1)

   WILLE1M1.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP13))

Lewis, Danny (11)

   Doom 64 (MAP03, MAP06, MAP10, MAP11, MAP14, MAP17, MAP26, MAP29, MAP30, MAP32)

Lian, Christian aka "Darkreaver" (2)

   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP17)
   Community Chest 4 (MAP29)

"LilWhiteMouse" (97)

   Chosen (MAP01-MAP10)
   Star Wars: Chibi Rebellion v. 5.9 (MAP05-MAP12, MAP14-MAP16, MAP20-MAP28, MAP30-MAP38, MAP40-MAP48, MAP50-MAP58, MAP60-MAP68, MAP70-MAP78, MAP80-MAP88, MAP90-MAP98, MAP100-MAP111, MAP120)

Lim, Leo Martin (1)

   Doomsday of UAC (E1M1)

Lipsey, Rick (2)

   The Final Geometry (MAP01)
   Polygon Base (MAP01)

Livolant, Franck aka "franckFRAG" (48)

   Plutonia Revisited Community Project (MAP08)
   Interception (MAP16)
   3 Heures d'Agonie (MAP03, MAP12, MAP16, MAP18, MAP22, MAP25)
   Muskadet (MAP01)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 2 (MAP04, MAP13, MAP25)
   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP22)
   Plutocracy (MAP28)
   Swift Death (MAP01-MAP07, MAP09-MAP23, MAP24-MAP31)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 3 (MAP01, MAP13, MAP16, MAP19, MAP27, MAP30)

"Loki" (11)

   Project Ragnarok (MAP01-MAP10)
   Strange! (MAP01)

Lokum, Thomas (9)

   Doom: The Mars Missions (MAP01-MAP09)

Lopez, Robert aka "gothic" (3)

Lord, Joseph (4)

   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP16, MAP23, MAP27, MAP34)

"Lord Z" (1)

   Community Chest 4 (MAP15)

Love, Richard (1)

   Aliens TC (E2M9)

Low, Fraser aka "TheDarkArchon" (1)

Lowell, Jim (5)

   TNT: Evilution (MAP12, MAP26)
   Icarus: Alien Vanguard (MAP04, MAP30, MAP31)

Lubbelinkhof, Ronald aka "Dutch Devil" (6)

   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP11)
   Riot Control (MAP01-MAP04)
   Community Chest 4 (MAP10)

Lukl, Filip aka "enkeli33" (16)

   Zones of Fear (MAP01, MAP02, MAP04, MAP07, MAP10, MAP12, MAP14, MAP16-MAP19, MAP21, MAP23, MAP25, MAP27, MAP29)

Lutrov, Thomas aka "Lutrov71" (2)

   Congestion 1024 (MAP11, MAP30)

Lutz, Christopher (51)

   Inferno (E3M1-E3M9)
   Reclamation (H2M1)
   Torture (H2M3)
   10 Sectors (MAP26)
   Caverns of Darkness (MAP01-MAP03, MAP06-MAP08, MAP10-MAP12)
   SubP:AR (E2M5-E2M8)
   Phobos: Anomaly Reborn (E1M1-E1M9)
   The Dying End (MAP29)
   Icebound (H1M3)
   Doom the Way id Did (E3M9)
   No End In Sight (E2M6, E3M9, E4M5)
   Hellscape (MAP21-MAP30)
   Dark Tide (MAP01)

Lyons, John C. (1)

   FORGE.WAD (E1M1) collected in Heroes (E3M9)


"m3g45ph3r3" (2)

Mac Donald, Derek aka "Afterglow" (3)

MacDee, Mike aka "Impie" (51)

   Gwangi's Palace (MAP01)
   Derceto (MAP01)
   Max Saga: Escape From Skull Dungeon (MAP01)
   Max Saga: The Doom Dragon (H1M1)
   Strange Aeons (E1M1-E1M9, E2M1-E2M9, E3M1-E3M9, E4M1-E4M9, E5M1-E5M9)
   Inn-Escapable (MAP01)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP06)

Maddin, Connor aka "ClonedPickle" (3)

"Maddzi" (1)

   A.L.T. (MAP11)

Madigan, Justin (1)

   Twilight Warrior (MAP05)

Maes, Stefan (9)

   Army of Darkness Doom (E3M1-E3M8 / MAP01-MAP08)
   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP28)

"maggot202" (2)

   1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP10, MAP14)

"Magicsofa" (3)

   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP19)
   Hadephobia (MAP05, MAP32)

"Magnusblitz" (1)

   Mayhem 2013 (MAP01)

"MajorRawne" aka "No Poet" (2)

   1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP10, MAP14)

Malde, Kim André (5)

   Alien Vendetta (MAP03, MAP09, MAP10, MAP20, MAP23)

Malloy, Sean R. (1)

   EXECUTE.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP08))

Mancuso, Sarah aka "Esselfortium" (31)

   Esselmap I: Testing Facility (MAP01)
   Vapordemo (MAP01)
   Doom the Way id Did (E1M1, E1M3; E2M2, E2M8)
   Back to Saturn X Episode 1: Get Out of My Stations (MAP01, MAP02, MAP04, MAP08, MAP09, MAP13, MAP14, MAP16, MAP17, MAP22)
   Doom 2 the Way id Did (MAP03, MAP06, MAP12, MAP20, MAP25, MAP29)
   Back to Saturn X Episode 2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks (MAP01, MAP09, MAP10, MAP20, MAP21, MAP31)
   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP20, MAP30)
   Ancient Aliens (MAP22)

Maples, Kurt (9)

   Sin City (MAP01-MAP09)

"Marat" (1)

   Whitemare 2 (MAP19)

Marcotte, Mike (2)

   Icarus: Alien Vanguard (MAP16, MAP17)

Marshall, Warren (3)

   99 Ways to Die (MAP01-MAP03)

Martin, Michael aka "Deathbringer" (1)

Martin, Patrick (1)

   The Talosian Incident (MAP12)

Martins, Claude (2)

Martins, Kevin aka "KevinHEZ" (1)

   Mutiny (MAP15)

"Masa" (1)

"Masayan" (4)

   1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP05, MAP28)
   Japanese Community Project (MAP03, MAP31)

Mayberry, Alex (2)

   Eternal Doom (MAP01, MAP06)

Mayfield, Alex aka "AlexMax" (1)

Mäki-Mantila, Sami (1)

   10 Sectors (MAP19)

McCandlish, Fairfax Mackey aka "Avatar" aka "Widowmaker" (41)

   Doom Must Fall (E1M1)
   Memento Mori (MAP12)
   Perdition's Gate (MAP13, MAP15, MAP22, MAP24, MAP25, MAP31, MAP32)
   Hell to Pay (MAP01-MAP32)

McCarthy, Patrick (1)

   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP08)

McClendon, Bill (6)

   Triple-Play (MAP01)
   The Corruption of Substation Alpha (MAP01)
   Requiem (MAP05)
   STRAIN (MAP01, MAP11, MAP12)

McColl, Glen aka "glenzinho" (2)

   Firetop Mountain (MAP01)
   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP13)

McColm, Jim (1)

   The Castle of Blood (E1M1)

McDougald, Jim aka "Rellik" (1)

McGee, American (3)

   The Ultimate Doom (Thy Flesh Consumed) (E4M1, E4M4)
   The Lost Episode (E5M3) (ed. by Xaser Acheron)

Mcrea, Steve (1)

   The Unholy Trinity (E1M1)

"Megaduck" (1)

   BCOMPLEX.WAD (E2M2) collected in Heroes (E3M5)

"Memfis" (53)

   Voyage to Deimos map02 (MAP02)
   Heroes' Tales (MAP17)
   Whitemare (MAP04)
   Voyage to Deimos: E2M1 (E2M1)
   Kashimir (MAP01)
   Sticky Blood (MAP01)
   MEMFIS_E1M1 (E1M1)
   Requimem (MAP01, MAP02)
   Not In My Courtyard (MAP18)
   Green Day (E4M1, E4M9)
   MEM_OLD1 (E1M1)
   Kurogane (MAP01)
   MM2MEM01 (MAP01)
   Relive X2 (MAP01, MAP02)
   Menkui (E4M1)
   Tayutayu (E1M1, E1M2)
   Beware of False Prophets (E4M1)
   Kukuku (E1M1)
   Overheat (MAP01)
   Suteni (MAP01)
   Horalky (MAP01)
   Kuchitsu (MAP01-MAP06)
   Gordia (MAP01, MAP02)
   Interception (MAP13, MAP26)
   Whitemare 2 (MAP09, MAP14, MAP26)
   NOVA: The Birth (MAP29)
   Bedlam (E3M1, E3M2, E3M8, E3M9)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 2 (MAP07, MAP12, MAP21)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP06)
   Swift Death (MAP08)
   Doom II In Name Only RDC (MAP03)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 3 (MAP08, MAP26)

Merrill, Doug aka "Opulent" (2)

Mesko, Michael (2)

   HACX (MAP11)
   10 Sectors (MAP30)

Michaelo, Kolybenko aka "Azamael" (22)

   Heroes' Tales (MAP08, MAP14, MAP29)
   Da Will (MAP06)
   Sacrament (MAP10, MAP11)
   A.L.T. (MAP01-MAP05, MAP13, MAP14, MAP16, MAP20, MAP23-MAP26, MAP28-MAP30)

Mickle, Jazz aka "jmickle" (5)

   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 6 (MAP04, MAP11)
   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP16)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP03)
   Mutiny (MAP08)

Millar, Kieran aka "Melon" (4)

   Hadephobia (MAP03, MAP25, MAP28)
   Mayhem 2013 (MAP08)

Miller, Casey (1)

   MEGAWATT.WAD (E1M1) collected in Heroes (E1M4)

Minadeo, John (3)

   TNT: Evilution (MAP03, MAP08)
   Icarus: Alien Vanguard (MAP02)

Ming, Paul L. (1)

   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP20)

"The Mionic Donut" (4)

   Mayhem 2012 (MAP04)
   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP12, MAP15, MAP18)

"Mithran Denizen" (3)

Moeller, Dennis aka "Panza" (22)

   Slaughter Until Death (E2M2, E2M4-E2M6) (E2M6 collected in Heroes)
   The Evil Unleashed (E3M1, E3M4)
   Obituary (MAP01, MAP04, MAP07, MAP08, MAP10, MAP16)
   Memento Mori (MAP01, MAP11, MAP13, MAP22, MAP26, MAP31)
   Memento Mori II (MAP01, MAP08, MAP16, MAP25)

Moeller, Thomas aka "Grindcrusher" aka "Vorphalack" (30)

   Slaughter Until Death (E2M1, E2M3, E2M7-E2M9)
   The Evil Unleashed (E3M2, E3M3, E3M5-E3M9)
   Obituary (MAP02, MAP03, MAP05, MAP06, MAP09, MAP11-MAP15, MAP31)
   Memento Mori (MAP09, MAP26, MAP29)
   Memento Mori II (MAP14, MAP22, S02)
   Requiem (MAP06)

Monakhov, Vladimir aka "Skepticist" (3)

   skePLand (MAP01-MAP03)

Monroe, Grant (1)

   ABDITN.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP26))

Monti, Nicholas (11)

   Erkattäññe (MAP01-MAP11)

Moore, Lisa aka "MadPup" (1)

   Soldier of Fortune (MAP01)

Morris, Ben aka "Warbaby" (2)

   BEN10.WAD (E2M2) collected in Heroes (E2M3)
   TECH.WAD (E2M1) collected in Heroes (E1M5)

"Moti" (1)

   Mayhem 2012 (MAP12)

"Mr. Freeze" (2)

   1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP01, MAP04)

Müller, Sascha aka "The Prophet" (1)

   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP04)

"Mugsy" (3)

Münch, Tobias (10)

   DoomCenter E1 Mapping Contest (E2M2)
   Visions of Eternity (E5M1-E5M9)

Mustaine, Bob (11)

   Perdition's Gate (MAP01, MAP02, MAP04-MAP06, MAP09, MAP12, MAP13, MAP16, MAP17, MAP20)

Mustaine, Tom aka "ParadoX" (26)

   Doom II MAP14 Homage (MAP03)
   ParadoX (MAP01) (Master Levels for Doom II)
   Memento Mori (MAP03, MAP14)
   TNT: Evilution (MAP01, MAP10, MAP17)
   Perdition's Gate (MAP01-MAP09, MAP11-MAP13, MAP15-MAP18, MAP20, MAP29, MAP30)


Nadolski, Kevin (1)

   10 Sectors (MAP31)

Nagy, Justin aka "StealthyIvan" (1)

   Congestion 1024 (MAP24)

"Namsan" (1)

Nathrath, Holger (28)

   Serenity (E3M1-E3M8)
   Eternity (E2M1-E2M8)
   Infinity (E1M1-E1M8)
   Serenity IV - MAP11 (MAP01)
   STRAIN (MAP17, MAP26, MAP32)

Naus, Peter (1)

   The Halls of Hex (E2M1) collected in Heroes (E2M8)

Neuvonen, Ari aka "aaglo" (2)

   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP06, MAP22)

Newham, Cameron (1)

   Daemon 2 (E?M?) collected in Heroes (E4M2)

Nguyen, Eddie (4)

   Uca (E2M1)
   Talpoida (E2M2)
   Diopatra (E2M3)
   Sapidusb (E2M4)

Nielsen, Jens (5)

   Memento Mori (MAP04, MAP07, MAP28)
   Memento Mori II (MAP29)
   Requiem (MAP07)

Niggel, Michael aka "Risen" (2)

   10 Sectors (MAP16)
   Ni'mRoD: IXNAY on the HOMBRE (MAP08)

"Nil" (2)

   Heroes' Tales (MAP10)
   Whitemare (MAP08)

Niv, Haggay (8)

   Hell Revealed (MAP01, MAP07, MAP08, MAP10, MAP21, MAP27-MAP29)

Noble, Paul (2)

   Memento Mori II (MAP05, MAP27)

"Noisyvelvet" (2)

   50 Shades of Graytall (MAP06)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP30)

"Nomad" (2)

   A.L.T. (MAP06, MAP07)

Nordin, Jeffrey aka "edoanimus" (1)

   Community Chest 4 (MAP05)

Norman, Daniel "Stormin" (6)

   The Final Gathering (E1M1-E1M3 / MAP01-MAP05)
   Shrine of the Warriors (MAP01)

"Nort" (1)

   Xided (MAP01)

"NRM" (1)

   Whitemare (MAP06)

"nub_hat" (3)


O., Arthur aka "Archi" (30)

   Heroes' Tales (MAP06, MAP09, MAP15, MAP16, MAP22, MAP33)
   Whitemare (MAP03, MAP07, MAP31)
   Sacrament (MAP04, MAP08, MAP09)
   A.L.T. (MAP08, MAP09)
   Fuel Devourer (MAP01)
   Rush (MAP01-MAP13)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP17)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP23)

O'Brien, Drake (3)

   TNT: Evilution (MAP20, MAP21, MAP27)

O'Sullivan, Joshua aka "Dragonfly" (32)

   Skulldash (MAP01-MAP08, MAP10-MAP32)
   Mayhem 2016 (MAP17)

"Octavarium" (4)

   Ol' No Name (MAP01-MAP04)

Ojaste, James (1)

   PIE.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP32))

Oksasoglu, Alican John aka "Tango" (10)

Oliver, Callum Guy aka "phobosdeimos1" (37)

   Zfactory (MAP01)
   Corebinder (MAP01-MAP04)
   Digon Base (MAP01-MAP05)
   Pallace Skorn (MAP01)
   Spire Complex (MAP01-MAP09)
   Interception (MAP06, MAP15, MAP21, MAP22)
   Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes (E2M7)
   PhobosDeimos Anomaly (E1M1-E1M6, E2M1-E2M6)

Olivera, Andy (4)

   Hell Revealed II (MAP24, MAP25, MAP27, MAP28)

Oliveri, Cris aka "ShadesMaster" aka "CodenniumRed" (3)

"Olympus" (3)

   Hadephobia (MAP12, MAP23)
   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP26)

"Onslaught Six" (5)

   200 Minutes of /vr/ (MAP04, MAP07, MAP13, MAP15, MAP24)

Ooertmerssen, Wouter van aka "Aardappel" (1)

   10 Sectors (MAP32)


Ostmann, Bjorn aka "Vader" (38)

Otey, Joseph aka "DoorHenge" (4)

   DooM Vacation (MAP01-MAP03, MAP31)

Owens, Brian (1)

   The Talosian Incident (MAP15)


Paddock, Ben aka "Baratus" (1)

Paddock, James aka "Jimmy" (53)

   Jenesis (MAP01-MAP32, JENESIS1 MAP11, JENESIS2 MAP20)
   Community Chest 4 (MAP18)
   Doom 2 the Way id Did (MAP14)
   ZDoom Community Map Project: Take II (MAP01)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 2 (MAP07)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 4 (MAP08)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 5 (MAP06)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 6 (MAP02)
   The Adventures of Square (TRAINING, E1A2, E1A7, E1A8, E1A10)
   Back to Saturn X Episode 2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks (MAP13)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP01)
   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP07, MAP13)
   50 Shades of Graytall (MAP01)
   Mutiny (MAP01)
   Mayhem 2016 (MAP04)

"Paine" (2)

   Da Will (MAP02, MAP07)

Pallai, Joe (4)

   Entryway (MAP01)
   Crossfire (MAP04)
   The Gate (MAP08)
   2002: A Doom Odyssey (E4M6)

Pantley, Brendt aka "Megalyth" (6)

   Doom the Way id Did (E2M7)
   Esselfortium's Birthday Cave (MAP01)
   Doom 2 the Way id Did (MAP21, MAP31)
   Lakeside (MAP01)
   50 Shades of Graytall (MAP03)

Parish, Scott aka "Faust" (1)

   H2H-Xmas (MAP21)

Park, Seongbae aka "antares031" (2)

   THT: Threnody (MAP11, MAP20)

Parsons, Alex (11)

   World's End (MAP01)
   The Underground (MAP01)
   The Outlands (MAP01)
   Foul Ruin (MAP01)
   Sinistrad (MAP01)
   The Highlands (MAP01)
   Mossvale Estate (MAP01)
   Mossvale Dungeons (MAP01)
   The Catacombs (MAP01)
   Installation A (MAP01)
   Installation B (MAP01)

Patenall, Robin (3)

   TNT: Evilution (MAP03, MAP14)
   Icarus: Alien Vanguard (MAP14)

Patterson, Charlie (3)

   STRAIN (MAP10, MAP16, MAP26)

Payne, Glen (8)

   I, Anubis (MAP01-MAP03)
   Osiris (MAP01-MAP08)

Pearson, Russell (8)

   Blastem2 (MAP01)
   Tunnel Run (MAP01)
   Deleted Scene (MAP01)
   DoomTown (MAP01-MAP03)
   Null Space (MAP01)
   Congestion 1024 (MAP32)

"Perro Seco" (2)

   Planisphere (MAP01)
   Planisphere 2 (MAP01)

Pestov, Slava (5)

   Realm of Chaos (MAP05, MAP08, MAP24, MAP28, MAP31)

Peters, Karl R. aka "marx" (2)

   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP05, MAP06)

Petersen, Micah aka "Jaws in Space" (2)

   NOVA: The Birth (MAP02)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP11)

Peterson, Sandy (21)

   Doom (E1M8, E2M1-E2M9, E3M1-E3M9)
   Full On (E2M8 [originally E2M8 of Doom])
   The Lost Episode (E5M3)

Pèrez de la Ossa, Gonzalo (18)

   Cyberdreams (MAP01, MAP04, MAP05, MAP07, MAP10-MAP13, MAP16, MAP18, MAP23, MAP25-MAP27, MAP29-MAP31)
   10 Sectors (MAP08)

Pham, Huy (5)

   Deus Vult (MAP01-MAP05)

Phares, Rand (34)

   Cleimos 2.0 (MAP01-MAP32)
   Icarus: Alien Vanguard (MAP19, MAP20)

Phares, Stephen (33)

   Cleimos 2.0 (MAP01-MAP32)
   Icarus: Alien Vanguard (MAP28)

Philleo, Michael aka "Job" aka "VULG@R" (1)

   Congestion 1024 (MAP23)

"Philnemba" (5)

   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP07, MAP38, MAP40)
   Phil's Infested Compound (MAP17)
   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP36)

Phipps, Keith (12)

   Dark Covenant (MAP01-MAP12)

"Phml" (14)

   PhmlSPD (MAP01-MAP14)

Pierce, Collin aka "Arjak" (3)

   NOVA: The Birth (MAP06, MAP20, MAP30)


   Russian Overkill (mod)

"Pinchy" (7)

   Mayhem 1500 (MAP17, MAP25, MAP26)
   Ancient Aliens (MAP23)
   Mutiny (MAP02)
   Mayhem 2016 (MAP07, MAP10)

Pisarcyzk, Chris aka "Glaice" aka "Mr. Chris" (4)

   Chapel of Chaos (MAP21)
   Marine's Folly (MAP14)
   Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes (E1M3; E2M7)
   RDND15.PK3 (mod)

Plumb, Brian (1)

   UNDERSEA.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP19))

Post, Adam aka "Doomkid" (4)

   Mutiny (MAP09)
   THT: Threnody (MAP05, MAP06, MAP09)

Potgiesser, Brandon aka "POTGIESSER" (2)

   Congestion 1024 (MAP19, MAP29)

Powell, Matt aka "cannonball" (65)

   Mayhem 2012 (MAP10, MAP11)
   ConC.E.R.Ned (E1M1-E1M9, E2M1-E2M9, E3M1-E3M9)
   NOVA: The Birth (MAP15, MAP18, MAP30)
   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP12, MAP15, MAP21)
   Thy Flesh Turned Into a Draft Excluder (E4M1-E4M9)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP26, MAP34)
   Return to Hadron (E1M1-E1M9)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP05)
   Return to Hadron E2 - The Collider's New Clothes (E2M1-E2M9)

Primmett, Trevor aka "Iori" (4)

"Printz" (1)

"PsychosesMan" (1)

   Reelism ("Flesh Palace")

Puicón, Pedro Francisco aka "NokturnuS" (12)

   Realm of Shades (MAP01-MAP07)
   DemoniZed (MAP01, MAP02)
   10 Sectors (MAP29)
   Caverns of Darkness (MAP04, MAP09)

Pullen, Mark A. (4)

   HACX (MAP03, MAP16, MAP17)
   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP15)

"Pyroscourge" aka "Starscream" (13)

   Winter's Fury (MAP01-MAP03, MAP4A/B-MAP7A/B, MAP08)
   ZDoom Community Map Project: Take II (MAP01)


Quick, Ian (1)

   Requiem (MAP12)

Quick, Tommie aka "Fatal" (14)

   Flood Mines (MAP01)
   UAC Headquarters (MAP01)
   Trust (MAP01-MAP07)
   DooM Resurrection Episode One (MAP01-MAP05)


Rajala, Tomi (15)

   Back to Hell E1 (MAP01-MAP09)
   Painful Evil (MAP01)
   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP30)
   Hell Factory: Hub One (MAP01-MAP04)

"Rambosee" (1)

   Hadephobia (MAP27)

Rance, Simon aka "5hifty" (2)

   Exquisite Corpse (MAP01)
   Return of the Triad (MAP03)

Rapp, Michael (3)

   Memento Mori (MAP19)
   Memento Mori II (MAP17)
   Requiem (MAP17)

Rapsys, Ryan (2)

   HACX (MAP08, MAP10)

Rasmussen, Jesper Krag aka "Ixnatifual" (19)

   Titan (MAP01-MAP09)
   Titan 2 (MAP01-MAP10)

Rathje, Henrik (1)

   Memento Mori (MAP18)

"Rayzik" (1)

   Mayhem 2016 (MAP31)

Razák, Jakub aka "Method" (9)

   Kama Sutra (MAP01, MAP02, MAP06, MAP07, MAP10, MAP22, MAP24, MAP28, MAP32)

Reay, Kevin aka "Magikal" (1)

   Industrial (MAP01)

Reed, Michael (1)

   Hoover Dam (MAP01)

Reganess, Bob (8)

   System Vices (MAP01-MAP08)

Rehberger, Andrew aka "Malinku" (4)

Reid, David aka "Lizard" (1)

   H2H-Xmas (MAP22)

Reid, Michael (1)

   Hell Revealed II (MAP12)

Reinhart, Brandon (1)

   TECHBASE.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP15))

Renton, Steve (1)

   Zeus (E2M5)

Repo, Esa aka "Espi" (6)

   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP14)
   DoomCenter E1 Mapping Contest (E1M8)
   Suspended in Dusk (MAP01-MAP04)

Rescoe, Steve (3)

   Skyewood (MAP01-MAP03)

Reute, Mike (1)

Reuter, Eric (1)

   Memento Mori (MAP11)


"Richard Smith Long"

   Chaos, Uprising (mod)

Riddle, Harvey (1)

Riley, Olivia aka "Getsu Fune" aka "Hurricyclone" (5)

   NOVA: The Birth (MAP22, MAP32)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP10)
   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP37)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP33)

Rimmer, Jonathan (2)

   10 Sectors (MAP13, MAP27)

Ritenour, Roger (14)

   Earth (MAP01-MAP10)
   Phobos (MAP01-MAP04)

Roberts, Eric James aka "Ricrob" (3)

   STRAIN (MAP16, MAP26)
   Hell Revealed II (MAP11)

Roberts, Lawton (1)

   Army of Darkness Doom (E3M9 / MAP09)

Robinson, Bryant aka "Gunrock" (27)

   Quake2Doom (MAP01-MAP09)
   Project Slipgate (MAP01-MAP11)
   Dissolution (MAP01-MAP07)

Robinson, Kevin aka "The Solution" (18)

   Project Slipgate (MAP01-MAP11)
   Dissolution (MAP01-MAP07)

Robinson, Stephen aka "stphrz" (1)

   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP29)

"RocknRoll420" (1)

Romero, John (23)

   Doom (E1M1-E1M7, E1M9)
   Full On (E2M6 [originally E1M7 of Doom], E2M7 [originally E1M9 of Doom])
   The Ultimate Doom (Thy Flesh Consumed) (E4M2, E4M6)
   Tech Gone Bad (E1M8)
   Phobos Mission Control (E1M4)
   Sigil (E5M1-E5M9)

Root, Jason aka "Hellbent" (3)

   Helltrip (MAP01)
   Doom the Way id Did (E1M4; E3M4)
   Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes (E5M2; E6M9)

Rotramel, David (2)

   STRAIN (MAP13, MAP18)

Rouse, Ryan aka "quakis" (1)

   50 Shades of Graytall (MAP05)

Rovenski, Andrea aka "Cyberdemon531" (10)

   Secretdoom: Disrepair (MAP01-MAP10)

Rowand, Nigel aka "Enjay" (29)

   Enjay Doom (E1M1-E1M9, E2M1-E2M9, E3M1-E3M9)
   Gene-Tech: Before the Storm (MAP01)
   Waterlab GZD (MAP01)

"Rublev" (1)

   Mayhem 2048 (MAP33)

Rutting, Michael (1)

   Memento Mori (MAP01)

"Ryathaen" (9)

   Absolutely Killed (E1M1-E1M9)

Ryerson, Doug (2)

   PUREEVIL.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP30))
   White Room (E1M1) collected in Heroes (E2M6)

Rynn, Stuart aka "Stewboy" aka "Forty-Two" (4)


S., Alexander aka "Eternal" aka "Deadall" (22)

   Voodoo Guns (MAP01, MAP02)
   Frozen Time (MAP01)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP32)
   ICAR2015 (MAP01-MAP11)

Sago, Clint (1)

   Realm of Chaos (MAP03)

Sailor, Malcolm (44)

   Darker (MAP01)
   Rule the World! (MAP01) (3PACK_1.ZIP)
   Omelet Face (MAP01) (3PACK_1.ZIP)
   All Apologies (MAP01, MAP02) (DS-61-3)
   From a Dream (MAP01) (DS-61-3)
   Lab (MAP01) (DS-61-3)
   Boom (MAP01) (DS-61-3)
   WASTEME (MAP01) (DS-61-3)
   SINFERNO (MAP01) (DS-61-3)
   Quick is Good (MAP01)
   Go Away (MAP01)
   No Sun (MAP01)
   Skull (E1M1)
   Sequel to Quick is Good (MAP01)
   No Sun 2 (MAP01)
   No Sun 3 (MAP01)
   No Sun 4 (MAP07)
   Baron Gate (MAP27) (SHRTHARD.ZIP)
   Center (MAP31) (SHRTHARD.ZIP)
   No Sun 5 (MAP27)
   CHORD1 (MAP25)
   CHORD2 (MAP26)
   The Talosian Incident (MAP02, MAP07, MAP10, MAP11, MAP13, MAP14, MAP17, MAP31, MAP32)
   CHORD3 (MAP27)
   MS1 (MAP01-MAP06)
   MS5 (E1M1)
   SlayeR (MAP31) (based on MAP02 of MS3.WAD from MSSCRAPS.ZIP)

Sambach, Eric (3)

   Memento Mori (MAP17)
   Requiem (MAP14, MAP18)

Sanya aka "Dragon Hunter" (12)

   Da Will (MAP08)
   Heroes' Tales (MAP13, MAP24, MAP28)
   Whitemare (MAP01, MAP15)
   Sacrament (MAP07, MAP12)
   Whitemare 2 (MAP15, MAP31, MAP32)
   Doom II In Name Only RDC (MAP06)

Sargent, Eric (4)

   Cringe! (E2M9)
   Memento Mori (MAP06)
   Memento Mori II (MAP11, MAP23)

Saulter, Jordan Michael aka "insanoflex312" aka "Death Dealer" (32)

   Hell Awakened... (MAP01-MAP32)

Schmid, Kurt (1)

   Memento Mori (MAP16)

Schmidt, Zoltan aka "Katamori" (19)

   Hadephobia (MAP01, MAP21)
   Mayhem 2013 (MAP04)
   Somewhere in Time (MAP01-MAP15, MAP31)

Schmitz, Paul (9)

   Artifact (E1M1-3 / MAP01-MAP03)
   Welcome to Hell (MAP05-MAP07)
   Eternal Doom (MAP07, MAP28)
   10 Sectors (MAP11)

Schmitz, Ray aka "Shitbag" (6)

   Exquisite Corpse (MAP01)
   Congestion 1024 (MAP03, MAP05, MAP08, MAP10, MAP12)

Schneider, Paul aka "BlueEagle" (5)

   Unloved (MAP01-MAP05)

Schweiner, Rob (3)

   Alpha 1 Trilogy (ALPHA1.WAD, 00ZI.WAD, ORIGIN.WAD)

"schwerpunk" (1)

   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP16)

"scifista42" (4)

   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 3 (MAP05)
   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP07, MAP19)
   Mutiny (MAP10)

Scott, Norman (1)

   hOOters (E1M1) collected in Heroes (E4M4)

Scott, Tim (1)

   AFRO.WAD (E1M1) collected in Heroes (E1M1)


   Fractal Doom (mod)

"Scrum" (1)

   Exquisite Corpse (MAP01)

"Scypek2" (4)

   Mayhem 2012 (MAP05, MAP08)
   Mayhem 2013 (MAP02)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP09)

Seager, Dave (9)

   Back to Hell (E3M1-E3M9)

Sealy, Josh aka "Joshy" (74)

   Speed of Doom (MAP01, MAP03, MAP05, MAP07, MAP09, MAP11, MAP13, MAP15, MAP17, MAP19, MAP21, MAP23, MAP25, MAP27, MAP29, MAP31, MAP33)
   Plutonia Revisited Community Project (MAP01, MAP04, MAP07, MAP26)
   Community Chest 4 (MAP11, MAP19, MAP30)
   Surge (MAP01-MAP17)
   Unholy Realms (MAP29)
   Back to Saturn X Episode 2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks (MAP01, MAP31)
   Resurgence (MAP01-MAP31)
   50 Shades of Graytall (MAP09)
   Ancient Aliens (MAP09, MAP28)

Searle, Eric aka "Cthulu" (1)

   H2H-Xmas (MAP25)

Seifort, Thomas aka "Tourniquet" (1)

   Mayhem 2048 (MAP21)

"Serious_MOod" (43)

   Opening (E1M1-E1M8)
   Dark Side of Deimos (E2M1-E2M9)
   Beta Labs (E1M1, E1M3, E1M5, E1M7, E1M8)
   BID II (MAP01, MAP02)
   The Day of Chains (E1M1, E1M2)
   Beta Labs 2 (E1M1, E1M3, E1M5, E1M6)
   Void and Rainbow (MAP01, MAP02)
   Outbreak of Evil (E1M1-E1M9)
   Remains (MAP01, MAP02)

"SFoz911" (1)

   Mayhem 2048 (MAP16)

"Sgt. Shivers" (1)

   Put Up Your Dukes! (MAP01)

"Shadow Hog" (1)

"Shadowman" (33)

   Da Will (MAP01)
   Heroes' Tales (MAP02, MAP07, MAP11, MAP19, MAP21, MAP25, MAP27, MAP31)
   Whitemare (MAP11, MAP32)
   The Inquisitor (MAP01)
   Khorus (MAP01-MAP09)
   The Inquisitor 2 (MAP01)
   Whitemare 2 (MAP10, MAP16, MAP25, MAP28, MAP30)
   The Inquisitor 3 (MAP01-MAP05, MAP10)

"The Shadsy" (3)

   Reelism ("Municipal Transpo", "Abridged", "Astrolab")

Shahov, Aleks aka "Plut" (3)

   Suteni (MAP01)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 2 (MAP18)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP20)

Shane aka "Ash" (1)

   VIPER.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP03))

Shark, Jeff aka "Marnetmar" (11)

   Interception (MAP19)
   Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes (E2M3, E2M7; E3M8, E3M9; E4M6; E5M2, E5M3, E5M8, E5M0; E6M1)

Shaw, David aka "Tolwyn" (5)

   Insertion (MAP01, MAP02, MAP04, MAP10, MAP11)

Sheehan, Keith (1)

   TIBET.WAD (E1M1) collected in Heroes (E4M7)

Shepherd, Christopher aka "ArmouredBlood" (6)

   1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP11, MAP25)
   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP32)
   Plutonia Revisited Community Project (MAP27)
   Mayhem 2013 (MAP07)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP28)

Sheppard, Andy (17)

   Andy Sheppard Doom (E1M1-E1M9)
   ASDOOM][: The Final Countdown (MAP01-MAP08)

Shrock, David (10)

   Castle Phobos (MAP01-MAP10)

"Sidearm Joe" (6)

   Hostage Rescue 3: Back in Black Edition (MAP01-MAP03)
   Twilight Warrior (MAP01, MAP03, MAP04, MAP06, MAP07, MAP09)

Sideris, Tony (22)

   Genesis (MAP01, MAP02)
   Debut (E1M1-E1M9)
   Post (MAP01-MAP11)

Sieben, Jimmy aka "Evil Genius" aka "ArchDaemon" (44)

   TNT: Evilution (MAP06, MAP09, MAP29, MAP30)
   Perdition's Gate (MAP10, MAP12, MAP14, MAP19, MAP21, MAP23, MAP27, MAP28)
   Hell to Pay (MAP01-MAP32)

Siegler, Joe (1)

   Rise of the Triad: The Hunt Begins (E1M8) (reproduced in Return of the Triad (MAP31)

Sierralta, Juanjo (1)

   ESW2 (MAP09)

Simpson, Josh aka "Earthquake" (1)

   Exquisite Corpse (MAP01)

Simpson, Ken (1)

"SkullDemon" (1)

"Slayer" (1)

   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP13)

"Slyor 64" (1)

   Skulldash (MAP05)

"Snarboo" (1)

"Snark" (1)

   Whitemare 2 (MAP23)

Snell, Mark (2)

   TNT: Evilution (MAP26)
   Icarus: Alien Vanguard (MAP05)

Sófalvi, Zoltán aka "Z86" (32)

   Hellbound (MAP01-MAP32)

"Sokoro" (2)

   Bedlam (E3M8, E3M9)

Sonnekins, Chrisbo aka "Cristoph" (1)

   Community Chest 4 (MAP11)

Sosedkin, Vlad aka "blod" (1)

   10 Sectors (MAP21)

Soto, Anthony aka "Swedish Fish" (11)

   The Classic Episode (E2M1, E2M2, E2M6)
   10 Sectors (MAP18)
   The Darkening Episode 2 (MAP04, MAP09, MAP11)
   Alien Vendetta (MAP06, MAP15, MAP24)
   2002: A Doom Odyssey (E4M2)

Soutar, Bob aka "Soutec" (1)

   A Fistful of Doom (MAP02)

Sparks, Brian (2)

   BSC01.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP05))
   BSC03.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP23))

Sparks, Craig (2)

   BSC01.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP05))
   BSC03.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP23))

Spencer, Brad aka "Bilbo" (1)

   TTADOM11.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP02))

Spencer, Brad aka "Vorpal" (9)

   The Tyrell Corporation (MAP01)
   Maximum Breakdown (MAP01)
   Atomic Tomb (E1M1)
   Alien Vendetta (MAP12, MAP13, MAP14, MAP16, MAP22)
   Back to Saturn X Episode 2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks (MAP03)

Spry, Eric aka "Jeezus" (5)

   H2H-Xmas (MAP01-MAP05)

Stanciu, Sergiu aka "Grymmoire" (1)

Stasiuk, Paul aka "Fiend-o-Hell" (7)

   Wonderland (MAP01-MAP06)
   NOVA: The Birth (MAP29)

Statz, Jeremy (2)

   Memento Mori II (MAP19)
   HACX (MAP15)

Steffen, Darryl aka "dobu gabu maru" (9)

   Mayhem 2013 (MAP09, MAP11)
   NOVA: The Birth (MAP25, MAP30, MAP31)
   Mayhem 2048 (MAP28)
   50 Shades of Graytall (MAP14)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP04)
   THT: Threnody (MAP08)

Stephens, Zach aka "Ribbiks" (49)

   Mayhem 2012 (MAP09)
   Stardate 20X6 (MAP01-MAP07, MAP31)
   Swim With the Whales (MAP01-MAP03, MAP31)
   Mayhem 2013 (MAP10)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 3 (MAP06)
   Crumpets (MAP01-MAP10)
   Sunlust (MAP01, MAP03, MAP04, MAP06-MAP08, MAP10, MAP12, MAP14, MAP17, MAP19-MAP23, MAP26-MAP31)
   50 Shades of Graytall (MAP12)
   Mutiny (MAP03)
   Mayhem 2016 (MAP18)

Stine, Andrew aka "Linguica" (2)

   Army of Darkness Doom(E3M3 / MAP03)
   Exquisite Corpse (MAP01)
   Instadoom (mod)

Stockie, Guy (1)

   Fort Knocks (E1M1) collected in Heroes (E3M3)

Strange, Peri (1)

   BRAVE.WAD (E1M1) collected in Heroes (E3M2)

"Stygian" (1)

   NOVA: The Birth (MAP24)

Sullivan, William (1)

   Memento Mori (MAP25)

Sundén, Markus (1)

Swift, Dave (8)

   H2H-Xmas (MAP12-MAP15, MAP17, MAP24, MAP28, MAP29)

Szymanski, Lee aka "Fen Boi" (6)

   10 Sectors (MAP28)
   Alien Vendetta (MAP06, MAP24)
   Congestion 1024 (MAP07, MAP16, MAP17)


"Taedium" (1)

Taylor, Robert (1)


   The Ranger (mod)
   Samsara (mod)

"TGA" (3)

   A.L.T. (MAP10, MAP12, MAP19)

"Tib" (2)

Tillier, Fabian (1)

   Trench (E1M1)

"TimeOfDeath" (1)

   50 Shades of Graytall (MAP16)

"toMass" (1)

"Toooooasty" (4)

   Japanese Community Project (MAP05, MAP08, MAP29, MAP32)

Towle, Steve (1)

   Memento Mori II (MAPS01)

Townsend, Daniel aka "sgt. dopey" (2)

   Interception (MAP12)
   NOVA: The Birth (MAP13)

Townsend, Jay aka "Jayextee" (21)

   DoomCenter E1 Mapping Contest (E2M6)
   900 Deep in the Dead (E1M1-E1M9)
   Nex Credo (MAP01-MAP11)

Trim, Daniel aka "dt_" aka "Bad Bob" (5)

   Mutiny (MAP05, MAP06, MAP09, MAP10, MAP15)

Tropiano, Matt aka "Mista_T" (53)

Turnbull, Paul (2)

   Mayan Temple (E1M1)
   TNT: Evilution (MAP23)

"Tuxlar" (1)

   You Dig (MAP01)

Tvrzník, Pavel aka "pipicz" (33)

   Zones of Fear (MAP28)
   Bloodstain (MAP01-MAP32)

"Tyousen121" (2)

   Japanese Community Project (MAP09, MAP24)


"UOD" (1)


"VACion" (1)

   Heroes' Tales (MAP33)

Vail, Jon aka "40oz" (34)

   Quadruple Threat (MAP01)
   UAC Ultra (MAP01-MAP12)
   1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP17, MAP21)
   Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes (E1M1, E1M7; E2M2; E3M5; E5M4, E5M5; E6M3)
   Abyssal Speedmapping Session 5 (MAP07)
   Mutiny (MAP01, MAP04, MAP07, MAP11, MAP13, MAP31)
   Absolute Dishonor (MAP02, MAP04, MAP06, MAP07)
   No End in Sight (E4M7)

Valls, Albert (17)

   Cyberdreams (MAP02, MAP03, MAP06, MAP08, MAP09, MAP14, MAP15, MAP17, MAP19-MAP22, MAP24, MAP28-MAP30, MAP32

Vandamme, Nils aka "NilsTheRed" (5)

   20 Years of Doom (E1M3, E1M4)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 2 (MAP22)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 3 (MAP04, MAP22)

Vanrie, Wim (1)

   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP09)

"Vaporizer" (2)

   Hadephobia (MAP06, MAP08)

"vdgg" (1)

   Explanada (MAP01)

Veken, Jan Van der (31)

   Dawn of the Dead (E1M1-E1M4, E1M6-E1M9)
   The Darkening Episode 1: The Nameless Project (MAP01, MAP02, MAP05, MAP09)
   The Darkening Episode 2 (MAP02, MAP06, MAP09)
   The Classic Episode (E2M3-E2M7, E2M9)
   No Sleep For the Dead (E1M1-E1M19, E2M1)

Velden, Thomas van der aka "T.V." (56)

   TV1998 (MAP01-MAP22)
   Revolution! (MAP01-MAP32)
   Plutonia Revisited Community Project (MAP30)
   Revolution! MIDI Pack (MAP33)

"Vertigo" (1)

   H2H-Xmas (MAP32)

Vickers, Ralph aka "Ralphis" (9)

   Double Impact (E1M1-E1M9)

Villanueva, Stefano (3)

   ESW2 (MAP03)

Villareal, Samuel aka "Kaiser" (37)

   DSV (MAP01-MAP32)
   Doom64 EX (source port)
   Shadows of Chronos (HEX01-HEX05)

Vojta, Adolf aka "Gusta" (42)

   Hell Medley (E1M1-E1M3, E1M8, E1M9; E2M1-E2M9; E3M1, E3M9)
   Kama Sutra (MAP01, MAP03-MAP05, MAP07-MAP09, MAP11-MAP23, MAP25-MAP27, MAP29-MAP31)

"Vordakk" aka "Stormwalker" (49)

   Phobos Massacre (E1M1-E1M9)
   Heretic: Call of the Apostate (H2M1; H3M1-H3M9)
   Heretic: Dark Deity's Bastion (H1M1)
   Flashback to Hell (MAP01-15, MAP31, MAP32)
   Oblivion (E1M1-E1M9)
   Extinguished (MAP01)
   Templum Dormiens Dei (H1M1)
   Assault on Chextropolis (C1M1)

Vovk, Oleg aka "CWolf" (1)

"VT Ice" (1)

   ICENITE2.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project [MAP28])

Vuortenvirta, Henri aka "Icytux" (2)


Wadsworth, Stephen aka "Urthar" (9)

   Way Too Many Dead Guys (MAP01-MAP07)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP19)
   Mayhem 2016 (MAP06)

Wang, Qingshuo aka "piXel reX" (1)

   10 Sectors (MAP24)

Ward, Richard R. (5)

   RRWARD01 (E1M1)
   RRWARD02 (E1M1)
   RRW_D201 (MAP01)
   RRWARD03 (E1M1)
   RRWARD04 (E1M1)

"Wartorn" (1)

"Watchmaker" (1)

   Heroes' Tales (MAP30)

Watson, Ethan aka "Gooberman" (11)

Watson, Mike aka "Cyb" (6)

   10 Sectors (MAP10)
   Exquisite Corpse (MAP01)
   Congestion 1024 (MAP15)
   Hell Revealed II (MAP06, MAP11)
   Void (MAP01)

Watson, Stephen (7)

   Memento Mori II (MAP28)
   HACX (MAP02, MAP06, MAP31)
   Insertion (MAP03, MAP08, MAP10)

Wayne, Mike aka "Arcademan" (1)

   H2H-Xmas (MAP28)

Weekley, John S. aka "PRIMEVAL" (2)

   NOVA: The Birth (MAP01, MAP28)

Werner, Grzegorz (3)

   Die Young! (MAP01)
   The Grim Reaper (MAP01)
   A Hidden Mountain Factory (MAP01)

Westerteicher, Dietmar aka "Dia" (7)

   Eternal Doom (MAP03, MAP08, MAP13, MAP14, MAP17, MAP23, Credits)

Whitaker, William D. (1)

   TNT: Evilution (MAP15)

"Whoo" (1)

Wilcox, Joseph aka "Simply Silly Software" (2)

   H2H-Xmas (MAP30)
   Xmas Doom (MAP03)

Wiles, Richard (35)

   DICKIE05.WAD ("Waterworld") (MAP05)
   DICKIE06.WAD ("Hell Henge") (MAP06)
   Nessy (MAP09, 10)
   Crusades (E4M1-E4M9)
   The Darkening Episode 2 (MAP05, MAP08, MAP10)
   SlayeR (MAP01-MAP10, MAP31)

Williamson, Adam (7)

   Memento Mori II (MAP06)
   Requiem (MAP29)
   HACX (MAP07, MAP19)
   Insertion (MAP09, MAP11)
   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP32)

Willits, Tim (13)

   The Raven Series (MAP01-06, MAP09, MAP11)
   The Ultimate Doom (Thy Flesh Consumed) (E4M5, E4M9)
   Attack (MAP01) (Master Levels for Doom II)
   Canyon (MAP01) (Master Levels for Doom II)
   Kick Attack! (E1M1 / MAP01)

Wilson, Ian (64)

   Herian (MAP01-MAP32)
   Herian2 (MAP01-MAP32)

Windsor, Adam (48)

   Memento Mori II (MAP15)
   Lord of the Flies (MAP04, MAP06)
   Requiem (MAP11, MAP20, MAP25, MAP26, MAP30, MAP32)
   Demonfear (MAP01-MAP32)
   Alien Vendetta (MAP12)
   The Darkening Episode 1: The Nameless Project (MAP11)
   The Darkening Episode 2 (MAP03)
   Community Chest 4 (MAP06)
   Doom 2 In Name Only (MAP32)
   Nuclear Halls (MAP01)

Woda, Przemyslaw aka "Belial" (2)

Woodman, Sam aka "Metabolist" (21)

   Testament of Judgement 1.5 promotional release (MAP01)
   Testament of Judgement I v0.2c (demo) (E1M1)
   Dataville (MAP19)
   Mortiser 1: Lookout Base (MAP01)
   Ballistics (MAP01)
   Ockham Complex (MAP01)
   Mortiser 2: Ice Station Alpha (MAP02)
   Omega Facility (MAP01)
   Mortiser 3: Supply/Shipping Depot (MAP03)
   Lava City Outskirts (MAP01)
   00_E2M8 (E2M8)
   Mortiser 4: Chemical Plant (MAP04)
   Alien Vendetta (MAP25)
   2002: A Doom Odyssey (E3M1, E3M9)
   Hell Revealed II (MAP08, MAP14, MAP16, MAP24, MAP25, MAP27)

Woodmansey, Adam aka "Khorus" (65)

   Khorus's Speedy Shit (MAP01-MAP30)
   Base Ganymede (E1M1-E1M9, E2M1-E2M9, E3M1-E3M9)
   Strife: Absolute Order (STR01, STR02, STR04, STR05, STR10, STR15)
   Unholy Realms (MAP32)
   Back to Saturn X Episode 2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks (MAP21)
   The Warlock's Hearth (MAP01)

Worch, Matthias (17)

   The Troopers' Playground (MAP01-MAP09, TTPBONUS.WAD)
   Memento Mori II (MAP03, MAP10, MAP14, MAP18)
   Requiem (MAP04, MAP07, MAP15)

Wraith, Jim (1)

   Memento Mori II (MAP30)

Wright, Walker aka "Pavera" aka "Krispavera" (10)

   1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP01, MAP24)
   Doom 2 Unleashed (MAP05)
   Back to Saturn X Episode 1: Get Out of My Stations (MAP05)
   Doom 2 the Way id Did (MAP05, MAP11, MAP16)
   The Adventures of Square (E1A4, E1A5)
   Mutiny (MAP08)


"XenoNemesis" (1)


"Yak Man" (2)

   Yak World (E1M1, E1M9)

Yakshin, Mikhail (1)

   10 Sectors Part 2 (MAP24)

"Years" (9)

   Nihility: Infinite Teeth (E2M1-E2M9)

Young, Jim (1)

   The Tiger Den (E1M3) collected in Heroes (E3M8)

Young, Rob aka "RjY" (1)

   200 Minutes of /vr/ (MAP29)

Young, Shamus (26)

   Slugfest (MAP01-MAP10)
   Doom City (MAP01)
   Torment (MAP01-MAP06)
   Phobos - Relive the Nightmare (MAP01-MAP09)

"Yullie" (2)

   Japanese Community Project (MAP10, MAP26)


"z0k" (2)

   Mayhem 2048 (MAP12)
   THT: Threnody (MAP12)

"Zakurum" aka "Argentum" (5)

   32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas (MAP26)
   50 Shades of Graytall (MAP18)
   Mayhem 1500 (MAP20)
   Mayhem 2016 (MAP05, MAP12)

Zalewski, Robert aka "Zalewa" (1)

   Power Metal (MAP01)

"Zan-zan-zawa-veia" aka "yakfak" (1)

   Sheer Poison (E2M1)

Zander, Kody (12)

   Laura Beyer's Doom (E1M1-E1M19; BONUS1, BONUS 2, BONUS3)

Zawada, Leon aka "El Zee" (9)

   Return of the Triad (MAP01-07, MAP11, MAP12)

"Zero Prophet"

   Zero Tolerance (mod)

Zetmeck, Sid (3)

   20 Years of Doom (E1M2, E1M9)
   3 Heures d'Agonie 2 (MAP09)

Zimny, Przemek aka "Alter-zero" (10)

   Soulcrusher (LEVEL 1-LEVEL 9)
   Mayhem 2016 (MAP13)

Ziring, Neil (8)

   LAKE4.WAD (E1M1)
   BLT (E2M1)
   The Deimos Subway (E2M1) (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP18))
   Elements (E1M1-E1M4, E1M9)

Zona, Joe (8)

   Real (MAP01-MAP07)
   Twilight Warrior (MAP02)

"Zrrion the Insect" (9)

   The Void of Hell (MAP01-MAP04)
   The Blood of Virgins (MAP01)
   The Core (MAP01)
   ZDoom Community Map Project: Take II (MAP01)
   Mouldy Old Void (MAP01)
   Sins of the Flesh (MAP01)

Zubek, Robert (2)

   HHH-21.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP04: Hades House of Horrors - Part 1)
   HHH-22.WAD (edited in 1994 Tune-up Community Project (MAP06: Hades House of Horrors - Part 2)

Zuchowski, Jacob aka "Ellmo" (9)

   Doom the Way id Did (E1M5, E1M8; E2M4; E3M7)
   Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes (E2M4, E2M6; E5M1; E6M5)