Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ty Halderman, Rest In Peace

My condolences to his friends and family for a man who more than anyone else helped the Doom community become what it is today

Rest in Peace, Ty


  1. I feel very saddened to hear that the founder of Team TNT has passed away. For some of his maps outside Team TNT projects, there's a six-level episode for Doom called Sacrifice, which he did jointly with Robert Taylor, then there's Argus, which is just the first map of Sacrifice revamped for Doom 2. Finally, there's Pax, a single Boom-compatible map which happens to be one of Ty's best contributions and it's all designed by him. It's pretty short if you straight for the exit, but if you go exploring to kill all the enemies and find all the secrets, it will take awhile, in a fun way, of course. I recommend you to try Pax and give it a review, for the sake of paying respects. He will be missed by the Doom community, that's for sure... :(

  2. "Essential Pillar of the Community" -Ty's old doomworld title

    Couldn't have put it better. =(

    R.I.P. Ty

  3. So sad, R.I.P. :( Sincere condolences to family.

    May your legacy live on with Bloodshedder and The Green Herring, the community most certainly needs it!

    I agree maybe you should cover some of his (non-commercial) wads:

  4. (Same anon as above.) Just made a video for PAX.wad as a tribute:

  5. only just found out by reading this. proper tears here. tnt's work is a huge part of my early-teen life (and onwards truth be told) most of my work in the zdoom community has been inspired by tnt's work. truly sad. may he rest in peace and all the very best to his family...

    Latchford of the OSJC