Wednesday, July 5, 2017

maintenance mode III

CURRENT STATUS: backfilled through March 2014

I haven't played Doom in maybe three months and any notion of wanting to keep abreast of the cream of the community crop, when coupled with the time I've been working and wanting to spend time with my baby, has sapped me of any will to keep up with this hobby in my free time. It's been a long time coming but I officially withdrew myself from the Cacoward panel; I hope anyone who read the things that I wrote for the Cacowards appreciated them, even if they hated the piss out of some of the selections.

This blog is now bereft of any romantic notions of keeping up with weekly updates. My priorities are

1) finish the review for INQSTR3, maybe the biggest millstone around my neck if only because it's been half-assed for so long, but it's been mostly written (with a whopping 20 paragraph "overview" section... so far) DONE!
2) finish backfilling all of the screenshots so that the blog stands as a complete archive of my reviews, if nothing else
3) play and review WADs free of any imagined responsibility to the Doom community

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  1. That is a very respectable decision. You should always do what you see fit in the given circumstances. Doom not taking place no1 seems quite logic when having some little guys running/crawling around. A break so now and then for some oldfashioned doom is justified either. Take your time, we have time, Doom has time...

  2. Thanks for all your work, it steered the Cacowards in the right direction and hopefully we'll manage to stay on course even without you. Stop by you-know-where for a chat anytime you want, I promise we won't make you do stuff!


  3. Cheers man, thanks for all your hard work. Assuming you ever return to making reviews in the future, it might be a good idea to review some more older wads as they are usually shorter and simpler to review, thus less taxing. Regardless though, have a pleasant retirement o/

    1. A lot of the older WADs I'm interested in wouldn't be any shorter unless we're talking about the typical single level fare from the first few years of Doom WADs, which doesn't sound that interesting as a focus point

  4. Cheers, my man. Obviously family and work (and yourself!) need to take priority over a silly video game. But whenever/wherever you end up writing about Doom next, I'll be there to read it.

  5. Perfectly reasonable! I really appreciate all of the hard work you put into community KMX, and echo Salt-Man-Z's sentiments =)