Wednesday, February 28, 2018

maintenance mode IV

CURRENT STATUS: 98.5% complete, backfilled through August 2011

Whoa hey it's been awhile! I've published 34 reviews since I made the last maintenance mode post and crossed the 600 review threshold. Right now I'm in "not quite maintenance mode" status because I am sitting on a huge pile of reviews for Sam Woodman levels. You can expect to see single level reviews posted every five days with anything much bigger arriving once a week unless my buffer gets outrageously large. That's not going to happen anytime soon, though, because I am going to be working my ass off from the end of March to partway through May. So thank goodness for a ton of buffer.

Screenshots have been backfilled all the way through February of 2012 as well as April, May, and June of 2011. As of right now, I'm more than 85% done. Considering that the vast majority of the reviews from 2011 come from a monograph on the Master Levels for Doom II, it shouldn't take long once I really get into it.

I'm still doing review "tune-ups" but as mentioned these are from a copy-editor's perspective and don't eat into the actual reviews because I'm in no state or place to play Doom when I'm performing them.

I am still working toward the Top 2001 WADs, but I also had a lot of fun playing some chronic entries in "underrated" lists (and making fake TITLEPICs for them). My immediate end goal is to make it to 2002: A Doom Odyssey, with the itinerary looking something like this:

Revolution! MIDI Pack
Codename HYENA: Killermachine
the original release of Phobia
Flay the Obscene 3
CH Retro Episode
Rip It, Tear It, Smash It
some stuff that Paul will probably laugh at when he sees it getting reviewed
Brotherhood of Ruin
...maybe 10 Sectors part 2?
2002: A Doom Odyssey

Ah, yes, reviewing the MIDI pack. I feel partly like I'm putting myself out here but I cut my teeth on describing music by writing mini-reviews for "synthwave" albums on Bandcamp so I'm probably better off than I think as long as someone doesn't try to dunk on me for the wrong terminology.

Expect any and all deviations.


  1. Finally!! A revolution! Review :D

    1. Yeah, it's taken long enough to get there! It feels even worse since I reviewed TV1998 back in freakin' August of 2017!

  2. Awesome, I'm looking forward to your midi reviews actually! Although at the same time I'm also a pretentious elitist that might say "THATS NOT WHAT THAT SOUNDS LIKE", haha. ;P

    Also interested in your thoughts on Codename HYENA: Killermachine, if I recall correctly it's the same author of Curse of D'sparil, the person whose work is responsible for me finding out about the Doom Community.

    1. If writing an MIDI pack review really floats some boats then I might see about going back and reviewing some of my favorite soundtracks - like anything by Mark Klem. It all depends on how well it's received, tho.