Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review Pacing

Just a semi-formal pacing schedule I'm setting right now. Depending on what the latest review is, you can expect to see another in a given span of time.

  • Single Map: Review next day.
  • Minisode (2-6 maps): Review within the next three days.
  • Episode (7-15 maps): Review within the next five days.
  • MegaWAD (16+ maps): Review within the next seven days.

I work twelve hour shifts at the moment so I rarely take the time to Doom on working days. This should let me build up a buffer on my days off without getting burned out (and enjoy the glut of games I got during Steam's summer sale on the side). Dystopia 3 and its add-on level are ready and waiting. Meanwhile, I'm muscling my way through The Troopers' Playground, made a bit rough due to the switch to PrBoom-Plus (and those devilish evil troopers).

Also looking to improve some bits of the site with Javascript (namely the indexes). Dunno when I'll actually get around to it, but expect the slowly growing database to become a bit more manageable.

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