Friday, September 28, 2012

Interview on Doom Nexus

Against better judgement, Doomworld forum superstar ReX Claussen did an email-style interview with me for his "Inside the Boss Brain" feature, which he uploaded this Thursday. Read it and weep!

In other news, Community Chest 4 has taken awhile to review because I'm in love with Borderlands 2 (<3) and have been in a bit of a funk over the past week, but I'm better now. If I don't have it done after I post Cygnus IV, There Will Be Blood. Spoiler: It's really fucking good! But you already knew I'd say that, didn't you?


  1. Hey, just wanted to say that your blog is very nice to read. You have quite an interesting style, and thanks to your wad reviews, some forgotten gems may shine again. Please carry on, good job. :)

  2. Yeah man, like it on facebook , (re)tweet it on twitter, Google +1 it! This guy is givin us quality reviews of wads for a game that should not be forgotten. Oh by the way KMX E XII i begin playing BORDERLANDS 1 because i liked 2 sooo much! :P