Wednesday, December 18, 2013


So, uh, I guess Hellbound became my 300th review, plus the Cacowards saw their 20th (10th) iteration, and somewhere along the way, this blog reached a run time of three whole years, if you count the six or so months I blew off playing a bunch of games that weren't Doom. Thank you, dear readers, whether you comment or don't, and special thanks to authors that chat back; that makes writing and playing so much easier. What follows is a list of WIPs I originally compiled back when the Cacowards were themselves in progress; I didn't edit it to what it is now, but I didn't want to have to be the one to cut stuff out in the first place. These aren't all the WIPs worth looking out for (it's excessively weighted toward map packs), and some of these may fail to impress when they're done, but thanks for making new content for Doom, because the user content keeps this community alive, even if I rarely if ever touch the gameplay mod side.

Supplice - Looks fuckin' awesome, with modded gameplay too. Shame it's moving so slow.
Vela Pax - I love what Mechadon maps I've played, so this should rock. Ditto for slow development.
TNT2: Devilution - Probably not as polished as the Plutonia packs or whatever TWiD does, but it should be worth a play.
Demon Eclipse - I've adored this from afar and am glad to see it resurrected. Keep on truckin', Eriance.
DoomX - Probably dead, at least hasn't been updated for more than a year. If it truly dies, I hope the least Last Marine does is publish the resources.
Doom Millennium - I hear it's still a WIP, though usually in hushed tones. Awash in wonder at what the future may bring.
Mordeth - The perennial favorite. No one has forgotten, Gaston.
BTSX E1 - They are still adding more E1 maps, which is but a small irritation. I'd love to see a final release, but if they go ahead and make it a full 32 levels (counting hub stuff) I'll be ecstatic.
BTSX E3 - We'll all be dead before E3 comes out at this rate, but it will be great, I'm sure.
Revelations of Doom - Deathevokation plus Darkreaver is like a Speed of Doom tag team, which reminds me, I need to play Speed of Doom. The shots look gorgeous - I can't wait.
Doom II Redux - Apparently Tarnsman hates this but I want to play whatever the final state of the WIP is
DTWID: LE - Waiting for Marnetmar to finish Rending Halls
Phobosdeimos Anomaly - Ditto
DSDoom 3 - Something that's apparently about done, a proper ZDoom megaWAD people have been waiting for.
HPack - More Heretic is almost always good.
TSOZD - I still haven't played KDIZD, but with the authors involved, supposing BTSX ever finishes, this is gonna rock.
KDIKDIZD - Dead, of course, but it would probably have been great.
Vaporware - We have the demo, at least! One of like three levels ever made for Eternity, and it's pretty awesome.
Kama Sutra 2 - Like a lot of stuff here, I still haven't played Kama Sutra. But I'll probably enjoy these Czechs kicking my teeth in.
Bloodstain - I only played one of Pipicz's stuff, from Zones of Fear, but given his pedigree this will be another fantastic Czech megaWAD.
Arcane Doom - A French project moving at a glacial pace, if not stalled entirely. I'd love to see it done.
Necromantic Thirst - A French project that exploded after organizational issues. But the authors are so great, I wanna see this, with its promise of a green inferno rather than the tired red.
Eternal Doom V - Probably not going to be anywhere close to what I'd like to see barring some kind of miracle.
HACX 2.0 - Xaser is working too hard, but he has his hands in all the fun projects. HACX 2.0 is a dream come true.
Hexen: Curse of the Demon Lord - I'm a bad person whose only Kristus level is the one from Alien Vendetta.
No End in Sight - Xaser is working too hard, because he has two OG Doom megaWADs in the pipeline, and they're both in the beta stage, basically. Looking forward to the final release.
No End in Sight 2 - Yeah, I know it exists, and the concept sounds great.
Threshold of Pain II - I need to play Threshold of Pain, basically.
Killian Reed - Probably dead due to lack of interest, this would have been great to see.
Resurgence - Thank goodness Joshy is finishing Surge! Plus it won't be just Surge with new maps. I love this style of combat.
Fortune's Run - I don't know if it's dead but this may be one of the projects I am looking forward to the most.
Unloved 2 - Probably dead because of community drama and Panda Adventure. It would be nice to see this I haven't even played Unloved.
Heretic: Curse of Darkness - An enormous Heretic mod that will probably own. I loved his one level I played, from 1994TU.
UAC Ultra 2 - 40oz has a plan, and the plan sounds fantastic. I just hope he can deliver!
No Sleep For the Dead - Jan Van Der Veken returns to the fountainhead. A lot of it was done the last time he spoke up!
Five Rooms of Doom - I hate the way Keeper of Jericho playtests but anything that gets the community mapping is a nice idea.
Doom 2 In Name Only - I saw this birth and then go through a very painful growing phase.
Switcheroom - It's an interesting concept, though idk if it'll knock my socks off.
Reticula - The author of Eviltech goes classic. I am still dreading playing Eviltech, not because I think it will suck, but because a full boat of enormous, Lipsey-ish techbases will probably kill me.
Favillesco - Eviltech goes OG Doom, as requested. I should probably play the two released episodes, but the list is already beyond comprehension.
Alpha Accident - Guaranteed to be quirky and interesting.
Somewhere in Time - Katamori tries his hand at finishing a long project.
Project Illuminatus - Another vanilla megaWAD that's been in development forever. I do so much like new textures with my megaWADs...
Panophobia - Stuck in development Hell, I think. Interesting concept but dying on the vine.
Hell Awakened 2 - I liked HA, even if UV was completely over the top. Throw in new textures and refined gameplay and you've got a deal!
2012 - Concerned for Doom II, I think. Blah blah, haven't played Concerned
Going Down - Mouldy stole the scene with "The Eye" and he owns the world of insane animation.
NOVA: The Birth - The honest newbie megaWAD, some of whom have gone on to make names for themselves.
Rush - Archi of the RDC's semi-abandoned megaWAD, kind of like Coffee Break's situation. Would be nice to see more from such a crazy author.
DTH: The 5 Worlds - There was a DTH before this and it sounded interesting and 5 Worlds has even more
Descent to Hell - No news for a year, but looks interesting.

...And way more than I care to keep writing on, because it's giving me a headache!


  1. Hello! A really nice blog, and keep it running! I'm a loyal reader =)

    Just wanted to let you know that our WAD is called Revelations of Doom...not Armageddon =)
    And yes, do play Speed of Doom! Really looking forward to reading the review!


    1. Sploops! Fixed. And thanks for reading / commenting! Your levels are a pain in the ass to play but I always feel better for having done them!

  2. Hey Mr KMX - seems like a good time to say I enjoy reading your reviews and they have introduced me to a quite a few maps that I would have otherwise missed. So thanks muchly and I hope you keep going. To try and be more relevant I will add that I am looking forward to NEIS (I had no idea that a sequel was also in the works!) and the rest of BtSX. That Xaser dude does a lot; kudos to him also. JF.

    1. Thanks, first time commentator. Yeah, I want the finished NEIS about as much as anyone else.

  3. Hey KMX E XII, just dropping by to give my annual thanks for all the time effort and love you've put into this site. Your blog has done a lot to boost my inspiration for DooM mapping when I started losing interest... and hopefully you stay motivated and it continues to do so! :-)

    On topic; off the top of my head, the megawads I'm looking forward to the most in no order are: NEiS (both 1 & 2), the work so far coming from NT is just as amazing, unique and eccentric as Xaser's. Then there's Necromantic Thirst where the reason I joined was because of the lineup of down to earth lesser known mappers with talent that's on par with my favorite Doomworld mappers, in combination with the large scale SoD-esque landscapes! I hope it gets a release in a satisfactory state. Also definitely Resurgence!! Nothing more needs to be added to your description of Resurgence hehe.

    PS go play Speed if Doom. ;)

    - Adrian

    1. I guess I'm looking at a Speed of Doom mandate, haha. Thanks for the drive-by!

  4. Just stopping by since I missed the train to say your blog rocks. Keep on dude.

    1. Thanks! I eventually hope to turn my eye on the older, more unique products of Doom mapping, as great as the tried and true "classics" are.

  5. Nice work man! I am looking forward to play ALL OF THESE! :D

    1. I may never get around to playing all of them in my lifetime, unfortunately.

    2. No, I meant that I want to play all of these myself when they come out. :P

    3. Also it seems that you forgot to thank me for saying "Nice work!". I don't want to sound rude but you thank everyone else except me. :P

    4. Because, uh, I forgot. Thanks for commenting / playing Doom!

    5. My pleasure. I enjoyed very much reading your reviews and playing Doom! I've been playing Doom since I was 3-4 years old (now I'm 18), unlike other kids of my age which play other games. I am disappointed that no one of my age plays Doom, Duke Nukem 3D or other old school games. All they play is Call of Duty, Counter Strike, League of Legends, etc. :(

  6. Hey KMX,

    Your blog rules. Please carry on !
    I'm really looking forward to play these releases.

    1. Thanks! I hope you and your fellow French authors continue to develop your already considerable talent and make many maps. And finish Necromantic Thirst. You guys rule, seriously