Friday, May 17, 2013

More New Stuff

I have stealthily (until now) added a few new pages. Statistics is just numbers porn, derived not wholly but at least in part from Colin Phipps's Doom Underground. It resulted in a pretty thorough review of my actual numbers, finding that I had somehow missed counting a handful of reviews and authors and a bunch of maps (in the neighborhood of 150!). I also added Icons of Sin, an index of id-sanctioned "commercial" releases which will eventually be filled out. I snuck in overview posts for Final Doom and the Wraith Corp. megaWADs, kind of like the Master Levels summary. Finally, the Perdition's Gate and Hell to Pay reviews have new screenshots in the 640X style. They are hands-free, at the base brightness level, and have no embarrassingly stretched skies. Enjoy!

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