Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Screenshots! And What WADs May Come ~

Threw up screenshots for Xaser's The Lost Episode and Congestion 1024. That just leaves Suspended in Dusk, Impossible: A New Reality, and Heroes. I have an update with Jive's JyEpiBest that's been floating around in draft form for a long time, but at present I'm reluctant to put it in. Al Dewey at least had four of his own levels banging around the Heroes WAD. Jive's JyEpiBest is basically a compilation WAD, but the levels are of a distinctly lower calibre, plus they've all been restocked for Doom 2, which is jarring as the levels are all from Ultimate Doom compilation WADs. There's usually an Arch-Vile, sometimes in a wildly inappropriate place. I played another compilation WAD Jive made, called Jive's 18th (compilation). It's a bunch of naturally Doom II WADs, and while I won't review the compilation itself, I'll probably hit the WADs themselves. There're some award-winners in there (Tantrum, Nostromo's Run), and some fantastic WADs I'd never heard of before (The Alpha Trilogy).

I believe I am sticking with the 1994 "Top 100 WADs" plan, so expect some more speedy updates; The Alien TC, Return to Phobos, and some other stuff. The next big megawad I want to tackle is Requiem, for obvious reasons. I also will be replaying Chris Klie's "The Lost Episodes" and putting those up here eventually. And at some point I want to play the Master Levels, which I haven't, and which feature maps of awesome authors I've played before. Not to mention going back and replaying all the other id Software licensed maps. There's all so much to do, and I'm playtesting Valkiriforce's "Reverie" at the same time.

Reverie has been really fun, for the most part. But at some point the difficulty just broke down. Valkiri said he'd be getting a version that's been toned down a bit and I look forward to it. The maps are really quite awesome in layout, architecture and detailing, but some levels don't even seem FAIR. That's all I'll say, though, as it's a work in progress and despite getting kicked in the balls repeatedly I've been enjoying the challenge and the sights.

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