Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Risen3D v2.2.10 released!

Risen3D put out a new edition of the Risen3D engine. From the website:

Changes over v220-9 ...

  1. Code changes introduced in v220-9 meant that some analysis requirements were not being met. E.g infill flats on bridge near start of Requiem map13 but this is just one example amongst many that have now been fixed. 
  2. The analysis code has been further extended to deal with previously ignored map tricks such as scrchhet.wad. Issues with recently released pwads have also been addressed. 
  3. Rendering of doom alpha textures (walls and sprites) modified to get rid of fuzzy edges. In the case of sprites this can be changed in the in-game control panel under Textures (as some may prefer the previous way these were drawn). 
  4. Rendering problems with recently released pwads have been addressed. 
  5. Distortion in the automap fixed. This mainly occurred in fullscreen mode when the monitor's max resolution was not being selected. 
  6. The in game console switch 'game-fastmonsters' has been removed as no-one seemed to know it was available. Instead this has now been optioned in the launcher under Options/Games. 
  7. Lighting specials now applied with infill flats. 
  8. The player weapon is now lit using the floor light level. 
  9. Dating errors with pwads can now be fixed in R3D. Beluga, for example, is dated, inside its zip, as January 2012. This meant that saved games could not be used as they would pre-date the pwad. The user is now given the option of changing an incorrect pwad's date, where in advance of the current date, back to the current date. 
  10. Various bugs fixed including some that could cause, in rare circumstances, the Risen3D error handler to force an exit. 
  11. Resolved problem, when not using fullscreen, with screen save images or the image shown in control panel video with an ATI card.

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