Wednesday, April 27, 2011

(Old) New Update at

DoomX is a project for ZDoom I've been following with some interest for awhile. It's one of those labours of love conducted during the author's spare time, but he's been pretty productive, with 23 maps created out of a 32 level megawad and a host of new monsters. Most recently the author's posted an updated bestiary, with one brand new monster (that I can remember) and new, different sprites for three others. Excluding the casually racist charicatures (his new Grosse brothers) I see a host of worthy additions to Doom's bestiary, especially in the videos I've seen. He's got
  • the Death Dealer, a brand new addition in the style of the Angel of Death, a previous monster, and judging from the apparent weaponry an Angel of Death lite as long as the glowing eyes don't betray some alternate, magical attack
  • the Trite Mother, a grotesque original that explodes into, what else, Trites
  • the Sinstress, Dark Vixen and Succubus, which were more overtly based off the same female sprites but from videos he's posted have definitively different behavior (still not anatomically correct, despite his poll)
  • the Angel of Death, clearly harkening back to Wolf3D in a more serious vein as opposed to the Grosse throwbacks, with a chest-mounted cannon and espousing Chainguns akimbo
  • the Loper, about as wide as the Mancubus but much faster, with gameplay videos revealing it blinking around dangerously and disorientingly
  • the Elite Imp, even spikier
  • the Exploding Imp, which does what it says on the tin
  • a Trite sprite, though not nearly as disturbing as its "The Thing" inspired Doom 3 counterpart
  • and the Flesh Wizard, which along with the Grosses is currently available for download and testing, and appears to be Arch-Vile inspired (graphically, at least) and warps around, shooting fireballs.
Not even counting the host of graphical effects and new weapons. I wish Mr. Ramirez the best of luck and look forward to future updates; any quality project for ZDoom is a project well worth waiting for.

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