Monday, September 5, 2011

Poll - review scores?

Ten days ago I added a poll which you can see in the site's upper-right hand corner. In essence, I'm asking whether actual review scores are important to people, and if they'd like to see them. If so, I would be rating WADs on a scale of 0-6 stars (though in practicality it would be on a scale of 1-5), with 3-6 star ratings being general gradations of "I would recommend this!" and 0-2 being gradations of "I wouldn't recommend this!". If I get enough interest I'll retrofit the current index to include the relevant information. 


  1. From my past experience in writing for a heavy metal magazine, I can say that a review score is a pointless, cheap, and arbitrary number, Your reviews are descriptive enough so that a player would know enough as to whether the wad would be his cup of tea or not by reading that.

    Anyway, great work so far, I really enjoy reading your reviews. Keep it up!

    - DeathevokatioN

  2. Found a review site while looking through an old thread

  3. Yeah, there are a few review sites I have yet to post, including I believe the Team Insanity page, also quite comprehensive. I'll probably retool that particular page so as to cut down on its bloat when I add more deserving sites.