Thursday, September 1, 2011


by Tim Willits and Theresa Chasar

Tim Willits got id’s attention with the release of the Raven series, an episode for Doom II consisting of Doom maps that had been converted over as well as some created in tandem with his sister, Theresa Chasar. id contracted him to create some maps for their Master Levels for Doom II project, which he designed in tandem with his sibling. I don’t know if Willits has any Master Levels rejects floating around his hard drive; if some existed at any point, only Attack and Canyon remain. Attack is a small MAP01 replacement, a mixture of techbase and urbane brick themes to create a small fortress.

It’s a pretty easy map, despite including a healthy percentage of Doom II’s bestiary. None of the monsters are used that deviously except for maybe the chaingunners and probably the mancubus near the map’s end. The central structure is a long compound showcasing some bilateral symmetry and lots of stairs which helps give the map some character. There’s also what I can only describe as sandstone columns, not a texture I’m used to seeing used as such but which caught my eye. Also a faux-3d arch in the inner-outdoor area, which looks nice.

The northern room has a bit of a tussle along with some computer paneling / wiring and also has the distinction of overlooking the exit area. The other side areas aren’t much to look at except maybe the one jutting off to the left of the entryway, which has some neat little light gates on the ground. The western area’s encounter uses lost souls as a good sleeper surprise which may catch you offguard if you rush around, grabbing the key. The eastern section is fairly banal but has a jaunt to the outer outdoor ring, a decent change of pace.

The final area isn’t much to look at, though the granite slabs arranged around the teleporter are a nice touch. As mentioned before, there’s a mancubus slumming around who could possibly cause some issues, but I didn’t find him at all bothersome, especially with the combat armor tucked away in a previous area. Overall, Attack is a good MAP01 replacement and a nice showcase of Doom II, featuring most of the monsters, most of the weapons, and easily-managed portions. It’s no masterpiece, but it’s just another reason to get id’s Master Levels for Doom II.


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  1. This is the map which opens Playstation's Final Doom, IMO the best version of Final Doom. I didn't know the Master Levels were not even from Final Doom originally. This is an excellent map and a good way to start playing the Master Levels. - MajorRawne

    1. Yeah, Attack is a pretty fun opening. Willits was the best of the Master Levels authors at making id-like knockoffs, too, besides Mustaine and the mystery of MAP01.