Friday, August 24, 2012

200 Reviews milestone

Oh, hey, 200 reviews! Some statistics...

200 WADs, 1484 maps, and 340 authors (specifically mappers).

That's 7.4 maps per WAD, 1.7 authors per WAD, and 4.3 maps per author.

Time to namedrop some anticipated projects:

DoomX (hope against hope...)
Interception (should be pretty good)
Back to Saturn X (does it really exist?)
Demon Eclipse (when it's done (tm))
Unholy Realms (Snakes? SNAAAAAAAKES)
TNT2: Devilution (Doomworld is the new TNT (TNTNT?)
Revelations of Doom (apocalypse in 9/8)

and like a billion other one-man megaWADs you sinners and saints are working on quite industriously, and any other community projects. Anyone who questions whether or not the Doom community is thriving must be insane. Not to dog the recent releases I've been neglecting, like Zones of Fear, Survive in Hell, and Community Chest 4. And that's just single player!


  1. Will not review for 5till L1 Complex? That's sad.

    1. The operative word in the statement "like Zones of Fear, Survive in Hell, and Community Chest 4" is the word "like", meaning that I will review these WADs and others that, like them, were released recently, including Lainos's two singles.

  2. Heh, cool to see Revelations of Doom mentioned here. I hope it lives up to it's expectations!

    And congrats on reaching the 200 review mark man. :)

  3. Now I have to try and think of a valid excuse for Unholy Realms' progress coming to screeching halt over the past 50 days!

    Um... lots of earthquakes!!!!

  4. Cool to see this! Thanks for the mention once again, heh. Unholy Realms is sort of... 50-days dead, but things will pick up soon enough :)

    Looking forward to the Evilution and Plutonia reviews!

    1. Haha, I was trying to figure out where your first comment went. I was sure I saw it in gmail, but apparently it got sucked into the spam quarantine. Probably because of an excessive use of exclamation marks.

    2. I had a serious problem with the spambot checks, actually. I don't like this new system because my eyes are beginning to enter suck mode.

    3. Ouch! Well, this is the first time it's caught a real person. Usually it catches two to three actual spam comments a day. They didn't used to happen until a few months ago.