Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DoomX Update 06/01/2011

DoomX put out another status update recently, mostly just to say that the developer was introducing more extensive custom weapons to the project than he'd originally intended and showing off his freeze gun, a video of which plays at the top of the site. There's also a bonus gift, I believe a file housing his custom monster, The Loper, in its current state. He also hints at some other new monsters he's thinking of spriting up, explicitly mentioning the Cherub! Again, I'm pretty stoked observing this project and Pierre can take all the time he needs to do this right, 'cause it'll be a blast.


  1. From some of the videos this looks and sounds too much like a jokewad for my tastes. Example: the Leeroy Grosse monster whose active sound is a voice saying "Man I gotta shit." A prime example of why I hesitate to DL TCs, partial or otherwise. Some of the other monsters and stuff look rather cool and well done, making it even more of a shame that the project is tainted by such obvious lapses of good taste and judgement.

  2. The beyond the pale Grosse monsters are about the worst the project has to offer, from what I've seen (not to make light of it). The rest looks very nice. As you said, it's rather unfortunate that he's committed to such off-color joke content, though I doubt such examples will dominate the project as a whole. At the very least, if it does, the Doom community (well, ZDoom) will have an extensive library of gorgeous decorate items to draw from.

    I wonder if anyone's messaged him about the Grosses, but then I remember that for every person that might send him a questioning email, there are probably a hundred that hi-five him for his charicatures.

  3. I was already wondering if he would allow other modders permission to use some of those DECORATE items.

    And you're probably right; just as I've seen in the modding communities for other popular games, the majority is likely in full support of the more unconventional characters.

    Still, I commend the work overall; I'm just a bit of a purist, I suppose.