Monday, August 29, 2011

Site Upkeep

While on vacation I've researched CSS and used it to clean up some of the indices, mainly the sortable index (shrinking down the text and using highlights for Cacowards instead of bolding/underlining the filename) and shrinking down the text for the author index.

As indicated by the itinerary, I'm up to date through Jim Flynn's solo works. I played through I, Anubis, only to find out that Osiris is literally I, Anubis expanded, rendering my written review obsolete, but it gives me another talking point. After I finish Osiris and replay Chosen (should be pretty fast) I'll move on to Sverre Kvernmo's stuff and then Hell Month. Well, more like two months of Hell, or that's what it will be if I follow the update schedule. I'm hoping my buffer will hold out for when I slow down on 1997.

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