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Favored of the Doomed

On the 10th anniversary of Doom's release, a bunch of Doomworld regulars got together and came up with a list of the Top 100 WADs of All Time, with ten representatives from every year. Unofficially, this feature constitutes the first ten years of Doomworld's current annual institution, the Cacowards, though the Cacowards are a bit more extended. Because these WADs come so highly recommended, they're part of my review itinerary. And, well, I figured I'd slap together a master list for visitors to leaf through. The lists are hidden via javascript; click on the headings to reveal them.

Doomworld's Cacowards aren't a definitive list of the ten best WADs of their eras, a fact detractors take care to point out. They're a good starting point, though, for those wishing to sample the cream of the crop with regards to PWADs.

1994 Top Ten WADs

1995 Top Ten WADs

1996 Top Ten WADs

1997 Top Ten WADs

1998 Top Ten WADs

1999 Top Ten WADs

2000 Top Ten WADs

2001 Top Ten WADs

2002 Top Ten WADs

Alien Vendetta2002: A Doom Odyssey
Caverns of DarknessDark 7 / Mission Pack
NimrodCH Retro Episode
RumaLicense to Spell Doom
Rip It, Tear It, Smash ItCongestion Control

2003 Top Ten WADs

Phobos: Anomaly RebornVoid
ScytheBrotherhood of Ruin
Doom 64: AbsolutionMassmouth 2
Doom RaiderHelpyourselfish
RTC-3057 DemoSpace Station Omega

2004 Cacowards

The Top TenBest DM LevelHonorable Mentions
Action Doom8-Bit DMSuper Sonic Doom
DecadeWorst WADDeus Vult
RTC-3057Doom: Rampage EditionMassmouthmas
GroveMordeth AwardDaedalus
Phobos RevisitedDoomworld Forums 3
Hell Revealed 2Mapper of the Year
Community Chest 2B.P.R.D.
ZDoom Community Map

2005 Cacowards

The Top TenBest DM Level
SimplicityNimrod: Project Doom
Scythe 2Worst WAD
HedRox1994 WADs
Suspended in DuskMordeth Award
Kama SutraJägermörder 02: Terra Nova
Congestion 1024Mockaward
Hi-Tech Hell 2: Alien TechKama Sutra
Temple of Chaos 2: Warped RealityMapper of the Year
Crimson CanyonAgentSpork
Total Control
Honorable Mentions
For Whom the Bell TollsAltar of Evil

2006 Cacowards

The Top TenBest DM Level
Phocas Island 2Dynamite Deathmatch
IC2005Worst WAD
Hellcore v2.0Auferstehung
Newdoom Community Map ProjectMordeth Award
Operation OverlordCrucified Dreams
Vae Victus 2Mockaward
Phobia: The AgeHow Not to Be Seen
Foreverhood v1.0TurboCharged Arcade!
Classic Episode 2: Singularity ComplexMapper of the Year
Crucified DreamsDutch Devil
Honorable Mentions
Impossible: A New RealityOniria
Zen Dynamics

2007 Cacowards

The Top TenBest DM Level
Genesis of Descent32in24-5
CheogshWorst WAD
Songs of the DamnedAnything Gamarra
The Dying EndMordeth Award
Sine DieKnee Deep in ZDoom
Knee Deep in ZDoomMockaward
Community Chest 3It Only Gets Worse
EpicMapper of the Year
Ultimate Torment and TortureAlexander "Eternal" S.
The Outer Darkness
Honorable Mentions
Demons of ProblematiqueWonderful Doom

2008 Cacowards

The Top TenBest DM Level
Deus Vult II32in24-7
GravityWorst WAD
Urban Brawl: Action Doom IIUAC Military Nightmare
Eternal Doom IVMordeth Award
ThunderpeakDeus Vult II
Back to BasicsMockaward
BGPA Missions: LiberationCommunity is Falling 3
Chex Quest 3Mapper of the Year
Escape from Castle ChezcreaBjörn "Vader" Ostmann
Cold as Hell
Honorable Mentions
Remain IIIXXXI Cybersky
Diaz: Last Hours of Purity

2009 Cacowards

The Top TenBest DM Level
Hell GroundUDMX
NewDoom Community Project IIWorst WAD
HarmonyTormentor667's Detail Guide
MapgameMordeth Award
Legacy of SufferingPlutonia 2
Ghouls vs. HumansKilling Adventure
Whispers of SatanMapper of the Year
Demons of Problematique 2Brett "Mechadon" Harrell
Plutonia 2
Honorable Mentions
Happy Time Circus 2Cheogsh 2

2010 Cacowards

The Top TenBest MultiplayerRunners Up
No Rest for the LivingMegaman DeathmatchBeyond Revival
Arcadia DemadeWorst WADBase Ganymede ep2
Curse of D'sparilÆons of DeathDoom: Threshold of Pain
UAC UltraMordeth AwardRealm of Cheogsh
UnlovedStrongholdSerpent: Resurrection
ValhallaMockawardTemple of the Lizard Men 2
Speed of DoomFacepalmParanoid
Drip FeedTurboCharged ARCADE! The Sequel Episode
Epic 2Mapper of the Year
StrongholdJon "40oz" Vail

2011 Cacowards

The Top TenBest Multiplayer
Plutonia Revisited32in24-11: Occupy Doomworld
VapordemoBest Gameplay Mod
LunaticBrutal Doom
Double ImpactMordeth Award
Vanguard1994 Tune-up Community Project
ReverieMapper of the Year
JenesisPaul "Skillsaw" DeBruyne
IceboundHonorable Mentions
Mandrill Ass ProjectDoom II Redux
Khorus's Speedy ShitDoom64 EX

2012 Cacowards

The Top TenBest MultiplayerRunners Up
Doom the Way id DidWhoDunIt?Beyond Reality
Strife: Absolute OrderBest Gameplay ModMasters of Chaos
PutrefierRussian OverkillFrozen Time
5till L1 ComplexMordeth AwardPlanisphere 2
Community Chest 4Community Chest 4Coffee Break Ep. 1
The EyeCall of Dooty II
Combat Shock 2Mapper of the Year
Winter's FuryAdam "Khorus" Woodmansey
Base Ganymede: Complete

2013 Cacowards

2014 Cacowards

2015 Cacowards

The Top TenBest MultiplayerRunners Up
SunlustDon't Be a Bitch RemasteredDoomed Space Wars
ErkattäññeChaosCore CTFCrumpets
SkulldashBest Gameplay ModPrime Directive
Swift DeathDoomRL ArsenalPinnacle of Darkness
BreachMordeth AwardOl' No Name
ValiantChaosCore CTF32in24-14
50 Shades of GraytallMockaward
Sheer PoisonInstaDoom
dead.wireMapper of the Year
Return to Hadrondannebubinga

2016 Cacowards

The Top TenBest MultiplayerRunners Up
Tech Gone BadAeonDMWarphouse
Ancient Aliens32in24-16THT: Threnody
Nihility: Infinite TeethBest Gameplay ModBloodstain
MutinyDoom 4 DoomStrange Aeons
Absolutely KilledMordeth AwardEchelon
Elf Gets PissedDoom the Way id Did:Shadow of the Wool Ball
ComatoseThe Lost Episodes
Alpha Accident: Terra NovaLudicrium
Japanese Community ProjectMapper of the Year
Blades of Agony E1Lainos

2017 Cacowards

The Top TenBest MultiplayerRunners Up
LilithPyrrhicRise of the Wool Ball
Shadows of the Nightmare RealmProgressive DuelReturn to Hadron Episode 2
No End In SightBest Gameplay ModTNT: Revilution
dead.airDoom DeltaWaterlab GZD
BrigandineFinal DoomerDisjunction
CounterattackHigh Noon DrifterHexen: Curse of the Lost Gods
Legacy of HeroesMordeth AwardWater Spirit
Saturnine ChapelTNT: RevilutionHellscape
Stardate 20X7MachawardDark Tide
Void and RainbowThe Gift
CodeawardMapper of the Year
OBLIGEdobu gabu maru

Top 25 Missed Cacowards

Scythe XInvasion... Level 2: The Upper DecksThe Warlock's Hearth
SunderZaero: Episode 1Plutonium Winds
Jade EarthNova II: New DawnAlpha 1 Trilogy
Doom: The Golden SoulsSkePLandToilet of the Gods
A.L.T.The Inquisitor 3DemoniZed
OsirisRylayehCity of the Damned: Apocalypse
Vrack 3Eternal Slumber PartySacrament
No ChanceVile FleshHideous Destructor

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